The Top 16 Most-Searched Costumes Don't Include Hillary or Donald -- Wha??

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Choosing a creative and original Halloween costume is hard work! If you've turned to the Internet for inspiration, you're not alone. Frightgeist ranked the most-searched costumes on Google. Sneak a peek and see if your ensemble is as clever and unique as you'd think.


The top 16 are an eclectic but not entirely surprising list. 

16. Vampire: A nod to Count Dracula is always a winner.

15. Deadpool: Superheroes and comedy mixed well at the box office, so why not test it out for Halloween?

14. Minnie Mouse: This perennially perky rodent has been around for decades but she never goes out of style.

13. Zombie: Thanks to The Walking Dead, zombies are all the rage. This is a perfect costume for last minute trick-or-treaters and party-goers.

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12. Pikachu: With the popularity of Pokemon Go, how could Pikachu not break into the top 10??

11. Mermaid: While this costume can be completely stunning, just remember: Walking is no picnic.

10. Dinosaur: Any one but Barney, please.

9. Clown: Maybe this isn't your year, Bozo.

8. Star Wars: From Yoda to Princess Leia, you've got plenty to choose from in this category. 

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7. Batman: Who doesn't want to be a caped crusader? If you can pair this with the "Robin" in your life, even better. 

6. Witch: This is a perfect costume for any age! Grab a black hat and start casting those spells.

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5. Wonder Woman: Let's face it: Moms are wonder women every day, but if you like the outfit, why not make a statement this season?  

4. Pirate: Argh! If those kids don't share their candy, make them walk the plank.

3. Superhero: Throw on a cape and you're ready to fight crime. With so many superheroes out there, pick your favorite and have a blast.

2. Joker: Perfect for dad, this costume doesn't require too much effort, and clearly it's a popular pick. 

1. Harley Quinn: A little makeup and a pop of hair color and you've got this one done in no time! But since it tops the list, you can expect to see plenty of other Harleys this season.

If you've got your costume ready, good for you. If not, here's your chance to either stand out or blend in with the crowd this Halloween. Either way, enjoy!


Image via Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

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