Constellation Piercings Will Be Your New Favorite Earring Trend


brian keith thompson piercing constellationWhen it comes to earring trends, we thought we'd seen them all -- the double-piercing movement of the '90s, the hoops trend of the aughts, and climbers taking center stage today. But we've been proven very, very wrong. 


The latest trend involves taking a minimalist look and multiplying it, giving you constellation piercings. We found two masters at this art -- Brian Keith Thompson and J. Colby Smith -- to show just how beautifully these arrangements can be done. 

Brian Keith Thompson is based out of Los Anegles at Body Electric Studio, and -- fun fact -- has given Beyonce herself piercings. His look shows how you can add simple studs in different patterns to build a style that's all your own.

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Jewelry designer and "shaman" of piercing J. Colby Smith has a private studio on both coasts -- Brooklyn and Los Angeles -- and creates delicate designs on the ears. He's pierced Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson. 

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These piercers take a look at your ear and its shape to work with you on a great design -- and you can go for deeper meaning by looking at constellations and going with one that speaks to you.

Libras have a great layout that works perfect for the lobes, and there are so many stars to look to. While you can add cartilage piercings to this arrangement, you certainly don't have to -- the looks can be achieved by a skillful piercer staying strictly on the lobes, adding to whatever piercings you may already have on your ears.

We're now looking to the stars for inspiration.


Image via bodyelectrictattoo/Instagram

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