Trade Your Cateye for This 'Knifeliner' Halloween Look If You Dare

knifelinerIf you're looking for a cool yet creepy makeup trick that's sure to dazzle and startle onlookers this Halloween, may we humbly suggest the "knifeliner" look? 


Haven't seen it yet? Prepare to freak out -- in the best way possible, of course. This spooktacular new eyeliner trick is a cut above the rest -- literally. It just involves trading in your cateye for a cleaver handle, a few tear-shaped blood droplets, and a spray of silver shadow for the knife. 

Whether you choose to do one eye or both, wear it on its own or incorporate it into your zombie ensemble, it's a look you'll want to try out ASAP.  

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Wondering how to do it? Check out this tutorial from makeup maven OMG Lilly as she goes from plain-faced to positively frightening.

Pair this bloody eye with red or black lips and it works either way. 

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If you want to really heighten the gore factor, be our guests. That blood spatter can either take shape or let it flow free-form style. It's disturbing either way. 

You probably have all you need to create this right in your makeup bag, and while we can't say we'd rock this Sweeney Todd-inspired look every day, it's definitely a fun way to celebrate the season!   


Images via Omg Lilly/YouTube 

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