SJP Channels All the Carrie Bradshaw With Her Fabulous New Fashion Line

When it came to designing her brand-new shoe collection, Sarah Jessica Parker was clearly channeling her fashion-forward alter ego -- the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. But the Sex and the City star didn't stop at footwear; she's created a stunning LBD (little black dress) line that's set to make its debut in October. From the glimpses we've caught, style icon Carrie would be proud!


Here's a sneak peek at a dress from Parker's forthcoming collection, which is made in the US and designed by the star and mom of three:

Stunning, right? If only you had the perfect shoe to wear with it ... Not to worry, SJP's got you covered!

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From stilettos to booties and nearly everything in between, SJP's line features exactly what your feet need to get through the holiday season looking as fetching as the famous gal who took Manhattan by storm. This is a collection Carrie would covet (Mr. Big not included). See for yourself:

SJP Shoe collection


Sophisticated yet playful, this Alison Ankle Bootie ($495, can go from day to night effortlessly. Dressed up or down, this is a shoe every woman wants in her closet. 

Carrie would definitely approve, wouldn't you agree?

SJP Shoe collection

If you miss the HBO series as much as we do, it's great to know we can recreate a little Carrie magic for ourselves.

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Bootie SJP

This Baton Ankle Bootie ($465, would add the perfect pop of color to any autumn ensemble.

Though Carrie was a columnist, she was somehow able to afford those Jimmy Choos and Manolos like it was NBD. Wish she'd spill her secret, because as reviewers point out, these kicks are stunning but a bit spendy.

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 SJP shoe collection

This Bobbie Dress Sandal ($365, is perfect for a wedding, isn't it?

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SJP Shoe collection

Can't you see Carrie strutting off into the night in this Fugue Dress Sandal ($465-$485,

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In case you're wondering how to pair SJP's pieces, the actress shares her ideas on her Instagram account, where she'll also be posting updates on her LBD collection. Are you as excited as we are? 


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