Geode Lips Are the New Instagram Beauty Trend That Totally Rock

When it comes to crazy Instagram beauty trends, we thought we'd seen it all. There was hidden rainbow hair, galaxy makeup, and Pat McGrath lip kits that we lusted over (but would probably never wear IRL). But nope, that was just the warm-up for the latest seemingly impossible look. Are you ready for it? You sure about that? 


Check it out:

A photo posted by Johannah (@beyou.byjoh) on

Behold: the newest lip trend to take social media, the geode lip. Meant to look like a colorful crystal, this look is certainly not low-key (and probably not good for dates, either -- just sayin'), but it sure as hell is gorgeous to look at.

Let's take another look, shall we?


Makeup artists like Johannah Adams spend hours using lipstick, sequins, and water-activated body paint to achieve these dazzling looks. 

And hey, since geodes are thought to have healing properties, we think there's some serious soul mending that can be done if you have the talent -- and the time.

One last question: Can we wear these all day, every day? Sure, they're impractical, but just imagine the selfie possibilities. 


Image via beyou.byjoh/Instagram

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