40 Heartfelt Tattoos That Make Us Want to Fall in Love

Michele Zipp | May 24, 2018 Beauty & Style
40 Heartfelt Tattoos That Make Us Want to Fall in Love

love tattoos

There are a lot of days in which we ask ourselves, what's love got to do with it? But it turns out that the answer is simple -- everything. After all, people don't write ballads about their favorite Internet videos or taco Tuesday. Nope, it's all love. And to further inspire us, we've rounded up some of our favorite tattoos that are all about love -- and they truly give us all the feels. We have a feeling we're not alone in thinking this way, either...

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These love reminders all have heart -- some literally, some figuratively. Some are about self-love, and putting nothing but good feelings out into the universe. No matter what, getting a tattoo filled with love will be a soulful reminder of what matters. 

We picked our favorite lovelorn, love-filled, and love-laden tattoos that cross a whole range of styles and techniques. There are tattoo inspirations for everyone, from the newbie who wants something small and delicate, to the old pro who is willing to get something bold and humorous. Love comes in all shapes sizes -- and so do these tattoos! 

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And we know one thing for sure -- these tattoos are easy to fall in love with. 

  • Simple Cursive Love Tattoo

    just love tattoo
    Image via lu_risi_tattoo/Instagram

    We are in love with the tiny lining of Luciano Risi found in this simple yet powerful tattoo. "Just love" should be a reminder for us all.

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  • Excellent Reminder Love Tattoo

    here heart tattoo
    Image via stefanogollinelli/Instagram

    Tattoos serve as reminders of many things, and this one by Stefano Gollinelli is the gentlest reminder to be in the moment, to enjoy the here and now, and to love. 

  • Sacred Heart Love Tattoo

    sacred heart tattoo
    Image via larascotton/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Lara Scotton's detail is always perfection. We love this sacred heart beautifully adorning the chest. 

  • Script Love Tattoo

    love tattoo script
    Image via SharonaGott/Flickr

    Love is essential to life, which is why this tattoo is so lovely. The placement is also key -- so easy to see and be reminded.

  • Cellphone Love Tattoo

    cellphone love tattoo
    Image via jools_hautsuenden/Instagram

    Seeing the positive in this very meta tattoo, we see the ultimate profession of love these days -- a text with a heart. These love texts often replace flowers being sent or romantic notes through snail mail. We heart it anyway. 

  • Printed Love Tattoo

    love tattoo
    Image via liviamcgramacho/Instagram

    The phrase "what's is done with love is done well" rings true, but what makes this tattoo by Livia MC Gramacho even more incredible is that is was done in a typewriter-style font, giving it command and authority.

  • Robot Love Tattoo

    robot love matching tattoo
    Image via evolvedbodyart/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Joe Williams of Evolved Body Art created these whimsical love tattoos. We adore the robots' expressions of giving and receiving the sweet gift of love.

  • Motherly Love Tattoo

    i love you tattoo
    Image via rightcoast_tattoos/Instagram

    This script "I love you more" tattoo by Adam Teitelbaum holds very deep meaning. The script is directly taken from a note a mom left her daughter, and the daughter had it tattooed so the sentiment is there forever. 

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  • Hugs Love Tattoo

    hug people tattoo
    Image via shevchuknavsegda/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Tanya Shevchuk's lovely design of two people in a sweet embrace is magical. Simple lines can really deliver the feeling of love.

  • Peace & Love Tattoo

    love neck tattoo
    Image via ~filth~filler~/Flickr

    Hidden behind hair on the back of the neck, this love tattoo makes sure to get the "peace" in there, too. 

  • Hope Floats Love Tattoo

    heart tattoo
    Image via Ricardo Almeida/Flickr

    With the red and blue colors around it, this heart tattoo seems to be vibrating with love. It almost has a planetary feel to it. The added bonus are the words way below it as well -- Faith. Love. Hope. 

  • Crazy Love Tattoo

    crazy love tattoo
    Image via Micael Faccio/Flickr

    The heartbeat paired with the phrase "crazy love" in French is enough to signal the sign of some major passion.

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  • To the Moon Love Tattoo


    We love the symbolism in this sun and moon tattoo, perfectly designed with an arrow and initials. Sweetness.

  • Yearning Love Tattoo


    For cat lovers, of course, this adorable tattoo is all about that yearning feeling, missing your loved one when they are away from you, like a kitty cat purring love into the window, waiting for her human to come.

  • Heart on Sleeve Love Tattoo


    The red heart is a standout, as is the cuff design on the sleeve. It has a nice quirkiness and we really enjoy the pop of color. 

  • Wreath Love Tattoo


    Flower tattoos are always a favorite and this one is done in a gorgeous way. We love the vines becoming the heart with the pretty flowers, all highlighted in light shading and dot work.

  • Claddagh Love Tattoo


    The Claddah is an Irish tradition. The heart signifies love, the hands signify friendship, and the crown signifies loyalty. True, it's normally worn as a ring, but we love this gorgeous monotone interpretation.

  • Cactus Love Tattoo


    How cute is this illustration of a cactus loving a balloon? The cartoon style and bright colors give it a real sense of happiness. It's adorable. 

  • Thumbprint Love Tattoo


    These thumbprint hearts are so personal and meaningful. They also look really pretty with the infinity sign attached. 

  • Cutesy Love Tattoo


    This minimalist tattoo is so cute and fun. The bright pinkish red color really makes it pop and the style of line work looks like a notebook doodle. 

  • Anchor Love Tattoo


    This striking heart anchor by Kerie Edwards is clean and nicely shaded. An anchor can represent stability and strength. 

  • Hand-Holding Love Tattoo


    This creative design incorporates a realistic heart with holding hands. It's placed so nicely on her arm and it is really is captivating to look at. 

  • Baby Panda Love Tattoo


    These little panda bears are too cute! This is such an adorable idea for a small wrist tattoo to show love for a bestie or another special person in one's life. 

  • Wave Love Tattoo


    This wave illustration is another cool way to design a small heart tattoo. The water can represent a love for the beach or a specific place. 

  • Pretty in Pink Love Tattoo


    This combination of hearts on her wrist is bold, cute, and sweet. The small pops of pink give it a fun, feminine feel and the black ink heart makes it really stand out. 

  • Scorpion Love Tattoo


    Although scorpions are usually thought to be a not-so-nice animal, this one looks totally lovable! It's such a cute illustration and we really love the color combination of the blues and reds. 

  • Heart Balloons Love Tattoo


    Hearts can also make for pretty balloon designs. This love tattoo illustration has a cool sketched style and the watercolor technique gives it such a playful look. 

  • Blooming Love Tattoo


    This heart tattoo is designed more like a human heart, but instead of being illustrated to look realistic, it is actually bright, colorful, and stylized. The flowers and the hummingbird add a sweet touch -- it looks like springtime love is in the air! 

  • 'Phases' Love Tattoo


    This "phases" of the heart tattoo is a play on the phases of the moon. It has more of a dark and mysterious feel to it. 

  • Minimalist Finger Love Tattoo


    This finger tattoo just simply says "Love" with a heart. Pretty straightforward, and totally perfect! 

  • Lock & Key Love Tattoo


    This sacred heart tattoo is designed to look like a lock. With the key nearby, this is a sweet sentiment about having the key to someone's heart. 

  • Cup of Tea Love Tattoo


    These matching cup of tea tattoos perfectly complement each other. They both have similar heart details and a great mixture of colors. We love this "his and hers" idea! 

  • Home Love Tattoo


    Although "home is where the heart is" may sound cliché, it will always ring true to many of us. This adorable tattoo is a great ode to that. 

  • Flower Power Love Tattoo


    These sunflowers in the form of a heart have a classic look that is feminine and elegant. The invisible border is a nice touch that gives it softness.

  • Small Watercolor Love Tattoo


    A small heart is a simple way to express love, but why not add some personality to it? This watercolor design is super cute.

  • Cats in Love Tattoo


    "Because love is stronger than any other feeling, we want to be inked by it," this Instagram user captioned the photo. This is perfect for cat lovers in love.