40 Heartfelt Tattoos That Make Us Want to Fall in Love

Michele Zipp | May 24, 2018 Beauty & Style

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There are a lot of days in which we ask ourselves, what's love got to do with it? But it turns out that the answer is simple -- everything. After all, people don't write ballads about their favorite Internet videos or taco Tuesday. Nope, it's all love. And to further inspire us, we've rounded up some of our favorite tattoos that are all about love -- and they truly give us all the feels. We have a feeling we're not alone in thinking this way, either...

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These love reminders all have heart -- some literally, some figuratively. Some are about self-love, and putting nothing but good feelings out into the universe. No matter what, getting a tattoo filled with love will be a soulful reminder of what matters. 

We picked our favorite lovelorn, love-filled, and love-laden tattoos that cross a whole range of styles and techniques. There are tattoo inspirations for everyone, from the newbie who wants something small and delicate, to the old pro who is willing to get something bold and humorous. Love comes in all shapes sizes -- and so do these tattoos! 

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And we know one thing for sure -- these tattoos are easy to fall in love with. 

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