What 13 Celebrities Wore to Meet the Royal Family

If dressing on a day-to-day basis wasn't hard enough, then throw in a royal encounter and surely you'll be faced with a hell of a wardrobe dilemma. 

Whether you're meeting the queen or the princess, every impression counts. Too revealing and you could risk insulting a royal; too covered and you risk insulting yourself. It's a dangerous game, but luckily most celebrities don't run from a challenge. 


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  • Lady Gaga & Queen Elizabeth II

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    LG had her run-in with the crown at the 2009 Royal Variety Show, where she performed at a piano while suspended from the ceiling (duh!). For the evening, the singer/fashionista went with this latex number as her gown of choice to impress her majesty. 

  • David Beckham & Queen Elizabeth II

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    It's not clear who was more excited to meet who here, but what we do know is that only one person in this photo has been named Sexiest Man Alive (so, there's that). This royal greeting took place at Buckingham Palace, where Beckham was attending the Queen's Young Leaders Event in 2015. The former soccer star stuck to his typical GQ-esque ensemble by wearing a classic dark fitted suite. 

  • Angelina Jolie & Queen Elizabeth II

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    When Jolie was dubbed an Honorary Dame, she made sure to dress the part. She greeted the queen wearing a lilac Ralph & Russo jacket/skirt look with Ferragamo peep-toe pumps. The attire was not only regal and fitting, but also a major departure from what Jolie used to wear (ya know, back in the '90s). 

  • Jessie J & Prince Charles

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    This "Bang Bang" singer sported a sheer Sarli Couture top with wide-legged white trousers while having her royal moment at the 2013 Royal Variety Show. The look was a showstopper, but perhaps not the most appropriate wardrobe option when trying to impress the monarchy (just saying). 

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  • Taylor Swift & Prince William

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    T-Swift looked like a royal herself wearing a delecate white chiffon gown while getting to know Prince William at Kensington Palace during the Winter White Gala. The two later joined Bon Jovi for a rendition of "Living on a Prayer." 

  • Beyonce, Jay Z, Princess Kate & Prince William

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    An American Queen and British Princess walk into a bar ... Okay, totally kidding (slightly). But the two did walk into a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, where they finally met. Bey played it safe with a conservative black skirt, tucked-in button-down, and Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. Jay kept his look all black and paired it up with some white sneakers. 

  • Uma Thurman & Queen Elizabeth II

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    Bow down is right. When Thurman met the queen at Buckingham Palace's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Event in 2014, she stayed respectful by wearing a knee-length beige dress/coat combo with black slingback Louboutin heels. 

  • Elton John & Prince Harry

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    Being no stranger to the royal way of life, John had no problem suiting up for another night brushing shoulders with the most famous family in all of Britain. So, for the 2013 Royal Variety Show, he wore what he always wears: rhinestones, lots and lots of rhinestones. 

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  • Little Mix & Prince Harry

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    Welp, this is one thing Little Mix can cross off their bucket list. The British girl group caught up with the bachelor of the royal family before they took the stage at the 2015 Royal Variety Show. The ladies kept their wardrobe on par with royalty by rocking bejewled neutral toned gowns.

  • One Direction & Princess Kate

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    The 1D boys couldn't resist getting into the royal action, back when they were still a thing (too soon?). The teen heartthrobs came face-to-face with Princess Kate at the London Palladium back in 2014. The boys played it cool by wearing their best color-coordinated attire. For Harry Styles, it seems cheetah print screams royal family. 

  • The Obamas & Queen Elizabeth II

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    When you're writing history with a moment like this, it's important to look your best. So naturally Michelle Obama called on the help of American designer Ralph Lauren to ensure she looked ever so graceful while standing alongside her majesty before dinner in 2011. 

  • Ellie Goulding & Princess Kate

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    Hello, again. Since Goulding performed the first dance song at the royal wedding, this run-in with the princess was practically like old friends catching up. The singer wore a dazzling frosted gown that paired nicely opposite of Princess Kate's goth ensemble. 

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  • Nelson Mandela & Queen Elizabeth II

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    Not to be one to miss out on a fashion trend (clearly), Mandela followed the queen's lead for what would end up being one epic battle of the prints during their visit in 2003. For obvious reasons, we're so going to have to call it a fashion tie. 

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