Hidden Rainbow Hair Is Officially a Thing & We're Freaking TF Out

rainbow hair

Sometimes, the easiest way to add variety to our style is to shake up our ho-hum hairstyles. Maybe it's trying balayage instead of your go-to highlights, or rocking a lob instead of your traditional long hair. But after a while, you end up recycling styles because there's only so much you can do without shaving your head or going My Little Pony pink. But a daring new hair trend that's fresh out of London is changing all of that. 


Hidden Rainbow Hair -- which is exactly what it sounds like -- is the stealthy new way to get a world of color in your hair and add some change without having to commit to a full head of rainbow. 

We can credit Carla Rinaldi, a senior stylist at Not Another Salon, with this magical style made of unicorns, Lisa Frank, and everyone's favorite Snapchat filter.

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And while this style is the perfect way to get that refreshing new look without the back and forth of whether or not the finished product will look good on your skin tone, face shape, hair texture, etc. -- and all the other questions we tend to ask when seeking a new style -- Rinaldi warns that the look is indeed "high maintenance."

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When sharing some secrets about the color-pop hair with Cosmopolitan, she told them:

These colors are temporary, so they do fade. If you want to keep the vibrancy of the rainbow, you need to come to the salon once every two weeks. But if you want it to fade to a pastel rainbow, you can come back every six weeks.

But, aside from the salon visits you'll of course need to treat your hair with good shampoo and conditioner (which is always recommended when dealing with any non-natural color).

Rinaldi recommends her favorites for the Starburst style: Redken's Color Extend or Pureology's Hydrate.


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If you're considering going from Plain Jane to Technicolor, you don't have to travel all the way to London to get the look.

Just be sure to go to professionals who know what they're doing, as there are a few caveats -- like making sure your strands are long layers (this ensures the rainbow is hidden), or simply making sure they know that when you mix the ROYGBIV palette, you can get a mess. 

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Lastly, before you dial up your favorite hair gal and ask what it would take to get the job done, be prepared to spend hours in the salon, because not only does your stylist have to bleach your hair, but she'll then have to also separate, color, wash, and style.

Still, that seems like a pretty welcome respite from the grind of daily life. 

Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. #hiddenrainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #rainbow #rainbowhair by Carla

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But whatever you do, please don't try this at home. Now, feel free to thank us later for bringing you into the light.

Hidden rainbow hair

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