Lena Dunham Brings Out the 'Girls' for Body-Positive Lingerie Campaign

Lena Dunham is in a new ad campaign with Girls costar Jemima Kirke for lingerie company Lonely Girls that shows how gorgeous actual women can be rocking their underwear. It's just the latest stand Lena's taken on behalf of women and girls everywhere and I just want to thank her for being such a total badass.


Lena skyrocked to fame when Girls hit in 2012. The twentysomething was totally in charge as the writer, producer, and star.

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And somehow she had the foresight and the bravery to do one of the most radical things a young woman can do: stand in front of us naked with zero apologies.

Through Girls and her other various projects, Dunham has fought critics and criticisms about her body and had the audacity of showing it despite the fact that it didn't fit into the narrow definition of what the media has told us is "acceptable." She showed us that girls who aren't six feet tall with thigh gaps still get to love and laugh and have sex and live their lives.

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She showed both girls and women that your body isn't something you have to hate until you reach some magical level of perfection. It's the thing that carries you through your life and you're in it together, so just make friends with it already. The message itself wasn't totally new, but her making it on one of the most popular shows on television was a game changer. 

This Lonely Girls campaign does the same thing. There Lena sits with her friend, both of them gorgeous, smart, complicated women, caught in a moment of tender intimacy. It's not just a good marketing move, but these images also matter. They remind women that we don't have to reach a magical BMI or photoshop ourselves into a cartoon character to show our bodies. All kinds of bodies can be beautiful, even yours.

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And every time we see women with bodies like ours being celebrated, the world gets just a little kinder and gentler not just for us, but for our daughters too. 

The campaign also serves the practical benefit of seeing what it looks like on a real person instead of a Victoria's Secret Angel, which helps as well.

So, thanks, Lena, for using your art and your celebrity to stand up for women and girls everywhere. Thank you for being tough enough to take all the haters. We see you. And we know it matters.

Also, cute bras!


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