16 Pretty Pieces of Delicate Gold Jewelry That We're Totally Obsessed With

16 Pretty Pieces of Delicate Gold Jewelry That We're Totally Obsessed With

minimalist gold jewelry

Time to put the chunky gold watch on eBay and the statement necklace in storage -- over-the-top jewelry is out and understated, delicate jewelry is in. Little baubles are having a very big moment.

Chalk it up to the minimalist, paired down trend that's happening or the fact that big, clunky jewels work for very few -- whatever the reason, we're loving all of the thin gold bangles and skinny elegant rings that are cropping up right now. Not only do they work for pretty much every outfit, they're just so pretty and feminine.

Here are 16 pieces of dainty gold jewelry that definitely won't break the bank. 

Images (clockwise from left): Wwake; Madewell; Etsy; Shopbop; Catbird; Azelea

  • Thin Stackable Ring

    Image via Azalea

    A thin gold ring (or rings if you want to stack 'em) is pretty much the epitome of delicate jewelry -- and they'll go perfectly with your everyday attire or when you're gussied up. 

    Shown here: Threadbare Stacking Rings ($44, azalea.com)

  • Thin Gold Hoops

    Image via Nordstrom

    Even if you're not an earring person, these skinny, dangly hoops are hard to resist. They're the perfect for accessory for dressing up jeans and T-shirt. 

    Shown here: Gorjana 'G Ring' Hoop Earrings ($60, nordstrom.com)

  • Small Circle Necklace

    Image via Shopbop

    It doesn't get much more pretty than this cool girl open circle necklace. Your V-neck T-shirts are pretty much begging for it. 

    Shown here: Jennifer Zeuner Small Open Circle Necklace ($135, shopbop.com)

  • Slim Drop Earrings

    Image via Bauble Bar

    These earrings aren't for everyone, but if you find it hard to part ways with your large and in charge dangly earrings from yesteryear, these are a good stepping stone to the world of delicate jewelry. 

    Shown here: Slim Needle Drop Earrings ($32, baublebar.com)

  • Elephant Necklace

    Image via Topshop

    Have a little fun with your jewelry with this cheeky "gold" elephant necklace. It's playful without being over-the-top.

    Shown here: Elephant Ditsy Necklace ($9, topshop.com)

  • Thin Gold Knuckle RIngs

    gold knuckle rings
    Image via Etsy

    You might lose these midi rings in the bathroom or on the train a few weeks after buying them (who doesn't lose a midi ring?!), but how cute are they?

    Shown here: Gold stacking knuckle rings ($25, etsy.com)

  • Cut-Out Bangle Bracelet

    Image via Madewell

    This gorgeous brass bangle bracelet is perfect on it's own -- but even better when paired with a few other bracelets. 

    Shown here: Tracecraft Bangle Bracelet ($24, madewell.com)

  • Beaded Bracelet

    Image via Etsy

    How cute is this dainty bracelet with equally dainty beads? Très chic!

    Shown here: Dainty Gold Bracelet ($30, etsy.com)

  • Metal Choker Necklace

    Image via Etsy

    Delicate jewelry isn't the only thing having a moment these days -- '90s style is back big-time right now. Pay homage to both of these trends with a sweet metal choker necklace. So Rayanne Graff

    Shown here: Thin Metal Choker ($26, etsy.com)

  • Short Beaded Gold Necklace

    Image via Etsy

    It doesn't get much more stylish than this stunning gold necklace with tiny beads. A little boho, a little sleek, a whole lotta gorgeousness. 

    Shown here: Minimalist Necklace With Tiny Beads ($18.52, etsy.com)

  • Box Necklace

    Image via Modern Citizen

    This hollowed box necklace is both dainty and unique. You don't need much more jewelry when wearing this. 

    Shown here: 14K Gold Box Necklace ($78, modercitizen.com)

  • Small Stud Earrings

    Image via Overstock

    These cute gold bar earrings are so dainty, they'll almost look like you're wearing nothing. 

    Shown here: Honeycat Small Wire Middle Bar Stud Earrings ($18, overstock.com)

  • Leafy 'Ear Crawlers'

    Image via Humble Chic

    Ear crawlers -- earrings that creep up your ear instead of dangle down -- are cropping up more and more these days. Hop on board the trend with this pretty, leafy pair.

    Shown here: Olive Leaf Ear Crawlers ($28, humblechic.com) 

  • Dainty Gold Cuff

    Image via Nordstrom Rack

    Elevate that dress and sandals with this showstopping gold cuff with glass stones.

    Shown here: Vince Camuto Rivoli Dainty Cuff ($20, nordstromrack.com)

  • Four-Stone Gold Ring

    Image via Etsy

    This four-stone gold ring ticks all the boxes: Minimal, wearable, pretty, and perfect for stacking. 

    Shown here: Rose Gold Four Stone Band ($30, etsy.com)

  • Ultra-modern

    wwake wisp earrings

    These wispy earings give the barely-there minimalist look that's perfect for every day -- or the fanciest of occassions.  

    Shown here: Wwake Wisp Earrings in 10K gold ($194, wwake.com)


  • Blink and You Miss It

    Image via Catbird

    Perfect as your daily necklace, this barely-there bauble complements literally anything you own. 

    Shown here: Dewdrop Necklace in White Gold ($244 at Catbird)

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