50 Majorly Cool & Tiny Micro Tattoos

tiny arrow tattoo

Sometimes the prettiest things are small, and such is the case with micro tattoos. When done by talented artists, tiny tattoos can be delicate and stylish and still make a big impact. Tiny tattoos are a great way to dip a toe into the inked world -- but fair warning, it can get addictive fast! For those who like their tattoos to be easily concealed, this is definitely something to consider. And for the folks who already have an extensive ink collection, one or more of these little guys will make a great addition. Tiny tattoos can be chic and creative, especially with a fun or unusual placement. There are tons of ways to make the most out of some minimalist ink. 

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And just because they're small doesn't mean we can't get one that is just as important or meaningful as a larger one -- and it will probably cost less, too. There are tons of little symbols and objects to consider. It's like a permanent little accessory. 

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We have rounded up some of the most lovely mini tattoos. They would look fantastic as fillers among previous work or adorning just about any part of the body. Take a look at these great micro tattoos -- these tiny yet super-awesome ink ideas may even serve as inspiration for a future tattoo.



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