23 Jewelry Trends From the '90s That Everyone Loved

Jewelry trends from past decades have come and gone, but for those of who grew up watching shows like Blossom, it's fun to see styles from the '90s showing up again. Chokers are back in fashion, and even neon accessories have made a comeback in recent years. So to those who find themselves getting tired of a piece of jewelry: don't toss it; save it and it'll either be back in style soon, or possibly be a great vintage accessory to wear later on!

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The '90s were a crazy time in fashion. For the first half of the decade, neon and oversized clothes still ruled from the '80s, but slowly the '90s found its own identity with puka shells, bell-bottom jeans, and ... toe-rings. *SMH* Can anyone explain what was going on there? Interestingly, the second half of the '90s were heavily inspired by the 1960s, which means that many of the jewelry choices were similar to what was trendy when our parents were kids! Think lots of bright colors, large gemstones, and mood rings. Am I ringing any bells?

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How many of us wore these fun and funky baubles? Which trendy jewelry accessory from the '90s brings back those sweet '90s memories? Did it make our list?

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