23 Jewelry Trends From the '90s That Everyone Loved

23 Jewelry Trends From the '90s That Everyone Loved

Jewelry trends from past decades have come and gone, but for those of who grew up watching shows like Blossom, it's fun to see styles from the '90s showing up again. Chokers are back in fashion, and even neon accessories have made a comeback in recent years. So to those who find themselves getting tired of a piece of jewelry: don't toss it; save it and it'll either be back in style soon, or possibly be a great vintage accessory to wear later on!

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The '90s were a crazy time in fashion. For the first half of the decade, neon and oversized clothes still ruled from the '80s, but slowly the '90s found its own identity with puka shells, bell-bottom jeans, and ... toe-rings. *SMH* Can anyone explain what was going on there? Interestingly, the second half of the '90s were heavily inspired by the 1960s, which means that many of the jewelry choices were similar to what was trendy when our parents were kids! Think lots of bright colors, large gemstones, and mood rings. Am I ringing any bells?

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How many of us wore these fun and funky baubles? Which trendy jewelry accessory from the '90s brings back those sweet '90s memories? Did it make our list?

Image via Etsy/HandcraftLab

  • Cursive Name Necklace

    Cursive Name Necklace
    Image via Etsy/SimplySerasi

    If you were in junior high in the '90s and didn't have one of these with your first name, you might have been considered an outcast.

  • Scrunchies as Bracelets

    Scrunchies as Bracelets
    Image via Etsy/TOTEallyGoods

    Sure, scrunchies were great for pulling your hair back, but they were equally fun to wear as jewelry! In the '90s, a colorful scrunchie or two would inadvertently double as a pair of bracelets in a pinch.

  • Mood Ring

    Mood Ring
    Image via Etsy/DixieTrinkets

    These favorite trinkets may have originated in the '70s but they were back in a frenzy in the '90s when everyone started wearing them. Don't get caught with a black mood ring or no one will want to hang out with your crabby self!

  • Care Bear Charm Bracelet

    Care Bear Charm Bracelet
    Image via Etsy/crystalnruby

    If you were a child of the '90s, you had to have at least one of these plush bears, and of course, the jewelry that meshed perfectly with your adorable Care Bear! 

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  • Smiley Face Ring

    Smiley Face Ring
    Image via Etsy/saltydogvintage

    It didn't matter what type of jewelry it was as long as you owned something with a yellow smiley face on it during the '90s. And this little bauble is the trifecta of '90s nostalgia -- we've got your smiley face, we've got your lucite, and we've got your neon!

  • Dolphin Necklace

    Dolphin Necklace
    Image via Etsy/LaterOperator

    For some reason, this lovable sea creature was the hit of the '90s. Everyone wanted to wear dolphins around their necks and ankles during this decade. They are pretty cute!

  • Rainbow Rubber Bracelets

    Rubber Bracelets
    Image via Etsy/LaterOperator

    Madonna may have introduced us to an arm full of black rubber bracelets in the '80s but by the time the '90s rolled around, these colorful bands were gracing everyone's wrists.

  • Crystals

    Image via Etsy/ShopIneffableMuse

    For those who were looking for healing powers, a crystal pendant around the neck did the trick.

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  • Friendship Bracelet

    Friendship Bracelet
    Image via Etsy/PoplarFriendBracelet

    Do you remember sitting around with your girlfriends making friendship bracelets, then trading them? These were something to be cherished! 

  • Puka Shell Necklace

    Puka Shell Necklace
    Image via Amazon

    Want to feel a little islandy? These puka shell necklaces would get you into the mood. 

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  • Yin Yang Necklace

    Yin Yang Necklace
    Image via Amazon

    The opposite forces of the yin and yang keep a person connected and stable, and in the '90s the yin and yang made a bold statement in contrasting black and white.

  • Swatch Watch

    Swatch Watch
    Image via Amazon

    Who didn't love a Swatch watch? They came in dozens of colors and unique styles to match your mood and personality. It was even fashionable to wear more than one watch on your wrist back then! Funny how no one tells time from a watch anymore!

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  • Beaded Daisy Chain

    Beaded Daisy Chain
    Image via Amazon

    Either worn as a bracelet or an anklet, daisy chains were a hit during this decade. The colorful floral accent added some fun and funk to any outfit!

  • Toe Ring

    Toe Ring
    Image via Etsy/TinyBox12

    If you were hitting the beach in the '90s, you better have remembered your sunscreen and your toe rings! Whether they were simple little bands, or something more ornate, toe rings were all the rage.

  • Baby-G Watch

    Baby-G Watch
    Image via Etsy/EWcoLondon

    You didn't tell time on your smartphone in the '90s, you checked out your Baby-G watch! These classic watches were among the must-haves back in the day, unless you preferred the accessory we've got in the next slide ...

  • Neon Beaded Necklace & Bracelet

    Neon Beaded Necklace & Bracelet
    Image via Amazon

    Neon made its debut in the '90s and has continued to make an appearance a few times throughout the years since then. Bright and bold, any neon accessory makes a statement! 

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  • Tattoo Choker Collar

    Tattoo Choker Collar
    Image via Amazon

    Elastic black choker collars were popular back in the '90s and they're back in style now. These inexpensive accessories can make an outfit elegant or gothic, depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

  • Gummy Bear Necklace

    Gummy Bear Necklace
    Image via Etsy/ErikasJewels

    Colorful and edible looking, these gummy bear necklaces were the rage in the '90s. Also popular were dangling earrings to match the darling neckwear.

  • Lucite Rings

    Lucite Ring
    Image via Etsy/CarolasChoices

    Fun and playful, lucite rings added whimsy to any evening! Toss on a chunky colorful ring or two and it's an invitation to go have some fun.

  • Peace Sign Necklace

    Peace Sign Necklace
    Image via Amazon

    The '90s brought back Peace from the vintage '60s and added some color to it with splashes of neon in playful peace-sign accessories!  

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  • Alien Jewelry

    Alien Jewelry
    Image via Etsy/MoonRiverCollective

    It was a strange phenomenon, but for some reason, alien jewelry overtook part of the '90s. These little faces adorned earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. If you could find a neon alien mood ring, well, then, you hit the jackpot!

  • Hemp Bracelet

    Hemp Bracelet
    Image via Etsy/TaraSugar

    For the more bohemian '90s chick, there were hemp bracelets and anklets, like this one, adorned with simple beads to showcase your hippie spirit.

  • Slap Bracelet

    Slap Bracelet
    Image via Amazon

    These days, slap bracelets are often given away at children's birthday parties in goodie bags, but there was a time when they were worn as real accessories. Slap them on to your wrist to match your outfit and you were ready to go!

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