Pat McGrath Unveils Glitter Lip Kit Only Kylie Jenner Can Afford

Pat McGrath Makeup Kit

Very soon, makeup artist Pat McGrath will officially release her Lust 004 line, and while there are different sizes, wait until you hear how much it is for the entire lip kit. It was initially only available to models Bella Hadid and Karen Elson on the Atelier Versace runway, but McGrath is now making her flawless style available to the masses. 


Sure, we're sometimes willing to pay beaucoup bucks on cosmetics -- and sometimes insanely so. It's an investment in ourselves, after all. But, ladies, sometimes we've got to draw the line. The only question is what constitutes a reasonable cutoff.

While you can get a single lipstick for $25, the five-piece Pat McGrath lip kit is priced at $65, and the 11-piece lip kit goes for an outstanding $150. Vogue describes the lip kit as follows:

The 11-piece collection takes stock of every decadent mouth that McGrath has crafted over the past two decades, but looming large over them all is a bright crimson lacquer from 2009, with gold pigment swabbed in the center and rimmed along the Cupid's bow.

(Yeah, whatever any of that means in English, Vogue.) 

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Let's just be real for a moment here -- that price isn't all that bad for 11 new additions to your makeup bag (especially when it's described as "decadent"). However, what makes the price a little too steep for my blood is what I'm getting for it -- or the look that the kit sets out to achieve. A glitter lip? I've had glitter lips on New Year's Eve for far less than $150 and frankly they were, seemingly, just as glamorous. 

I'd much rather spend $150 on a kit that will give me makeup for your average girls' night out, because with the exception of festivities like Pride (where flamboyancy is necessary) and New Year's Eve, I just don't foresee my wanting to paint glitter on my damn lips all that often.

This is even after McGrath points out (to Vogue) that the kit is transformational and "takes you from nothing all the way to the most extreme, jeweled, three-dimensional mouth." Still I find it too hard to dispose of my money on the premise that I may glam up to the nines. Suffice it to say, if I buy that kit, I'll be wearing glitter lips until the day that kit runs dry -- from work to brunch, with numerous "reapply" bathroom trips in between. 

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Of course, you should know that you're talking to someone who barely recognizes (or acknowledges) the greatness when there's a half baked palette in my presence. Sooo, with that said, you most definitely ought to check it out for yourself -- just don't say I didn't warn you when it sits idly for the next year (after one good use). Just saying. 

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Kit will be available in stores on August 30.


Image via patmcgrathreal/Instagram

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