20 'Game of Thrones' Tattoos to Tide You Over 'Til Next Season

If Dorothy was spooked by the "lions, tigers, and bears" in Oz, she'd last a nanosecond in Westeros, where dragons, wolves, ravens, and bloodflies roam the land. But it's not the fabled creatures in HBO's Game of Thrones that are truly terrifying — it's the power-thirsty, scheming, disloyal, and morally questionable people residing in the Seven Kingdoms. The fantasy drama has captivated viewers and critics alike since its February 2011 debut, with each episode spawning new fan theories, popular characters influencing fashion and beauty trends, and quotable lines becoming Internet memes and popular rap lyrics.


As fans await the debut of season seven, they can find some solace in these grand tattoos that pay homage to the series, its intricate folklore, and its unforgettable characters. Which Game of Thrones tattoo would you consider getting?


Image via mikeycumming/Instagram

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