20 Tattoos Inspired by the Pokémon Go Craze

Obsessing over your Pokédex? Searching the web for clues on where to find an elusive Lapras or Dragonite? Enjoying your hard-earned Gym Leader status? If you're like millions of others and you've fallen down the Pokémon Go rabbit hole, you'll appreciate the devotion of these Pokémon super fans, all of whom leveled up IRL by getting their favorite characters inked on their bodies.




From clever takes on familiar characters like Pikachu and Jigglypuff to museum-worthy watercolor renditions of the beautiful Articuno and Ponyta, these tattoos show why the Pokémon universe is so irresistible!


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  • Eevee


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    According to a new Baby Center report, the global frenzy over Pokémon Go is even influencing parents' baby name choices, with a growing number of infant girls bearing the moniker Eevee. This mutation-prone creature can evolve into a water-dwelling Vaporeon, a fire-starting Flareon, a psychically gifted Espeon, and more. But even in her least evolved form, this foxy lady has it going on!

  • Cubone


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    Cubone may be a cutie, but he's one sad bloke! He wears his deceased mother's skull as a helmet and, whenever there's a full moon, this lonely creature weeps for his mom, his tears staining his helmet. Who wouldn't want to adopt this traumatized soul? Besides, he's quite the warrior when he wields the bone he carries, striking blows against his enemies.  

  • Snorlax


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    If your Instagram and Facebook feeds include plenty of photos tagged #lazysunday and #foodporn, chances are there's a Snorlax lurking within you. After all, this Pokémon creature's typical day involves alternating between sleeping and eating. Allegedly standing at 6'11" tall, Snorlax is so docile that kids can use his belly as a trampoline. In this tattoo, Snorlax gets the Buddha treatment — down to the robe and Tibetan prayer beads.

  • Poké Ball


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    No Pokémon trainer worth his salt would ever be caught without the proper weaponry. Incense, potion, and honey are all useful tools, but there's no way to catch 'em all without a vast supply of Poké Balls. This artsy take on the two-toned Poké Ball sphere features watercolor-inspired strokes that give the ball a kinetic energy, as if it were caught mid-spin.

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  • Magikarp


    Finding Dory is cool and all, but finding a Magikarp is even better! This water creature's Japanese name, Koiking, is comprised of the words "koi" and "king," which correspond with its fish-like appearance. Magikarp may not be the strongest swimmer, but it knows how to make a splash — just like this tattoo in its honor!

  • Pikachu


    The most iconic creature in the Pokémon empire, Pikachu, goes up, up, and away in this whimsical tattoo, featuring a cluster of colorful balloons lifting the beloved, yellow, mouse-like character. The placement of the tattoo, right atop the foot, makes the piece all the more playful.

  • Bulbasaur


    Just like you can plant a seed an watch it grow, you can catch a Bulbasaur and watch as the seed on its back bursts into bloom and this dinosaur-like creature evolves into an even more powerful Ivysaur and, later, a Venusaur. In this tattoo, the grass-loving creature makes a shallow terrarium his home.

  • Team Mystic


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    Forget professional sport teams! Pokémon Go fanatics are all about representing their team. Whether you're cheering for Team Mystic, Team Instinct, or Team Valor, rep your crew's logo and designated color. This player went all in on behalf of Team Mystic, inking its Articuno-inspired logo on one arm.

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  • Jigglypuff


    Before Meghan Trainor was celebrating curvier figures with her "All About That Bass" hit, wide-eyed Jigglypuffs were showing how adorable full-bodied girls can be. This tattoo shows a perky Jigglypuff painting rainbows — and, perhaps, making Pokémon adversaries drowsy with its hypnotic songs.

  • Charmander, Charmeleon & Charizard


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    In the Darwinian Pokémon universe, evolution is tantamount to survival. This dynamic tattoo illustrates how an innocent, flame-tailed Charmander grows into a fierce Charmeleon, capable of ripping its opponents to shreds with its sharp claws, then ultimately morphs into a Charizard, a dragon-and-lizard hybrid that melts anything in its path using its scorching hot breath.

  • Articuno


    Next time snow falls in your area, blame it on Articuno. This legendary Pokémon creature has the power to control ice so that, when it vigorously flaps its wings, the air turns frosty and flurries emerge. Through the usage of moody blues, stormy plum purples, and enigmatic grays, this rare bird's weather-controlling abilities are conveyed in this larger-than-life tattoo.

  • Squirtle


    Think of Squirtle as a walking Super Soaker, using its mouth to shoot water at its prey. The tiny turtle's rounded shell allows it to move efficiently along the water's surface and swim at higher speeds. Plus, did we mention its one of the cutest creatures in the Pokémon universe? And you thought Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo were cool!

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  • Ponyta


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    How could you not feel hot to trot when you're flaunting a Ponyta tattoo? This fiery horse can not only gallop at extraordinary speeds, but it can also leap over buildings and trample enemies with its diamond-hard hooves. Giddy up!

  • Gengar


    The sinister grin on Gengar's face says it all: This spooky creature is up to no good! This poisonous ghost tends to hang out in shadowy realms, which means Pokémon Go players tend to have more luck capturing the elusive, levitation-prone trickster at nighttime. This tattooed gal, however, can have eyes on her inked Gengar at any hour of the day!

  • Poliwag


    The spiraling lines on Poliwag's belly are actually his insides: the baby tadpole's skin is so thin that it's essentially see-through. Not that Poliwag is defenseless: While his skin is tissue-thin, it's also incredibly damp and flexible so that attacks bounce right off. He's the Pokemon embodiment of Pee-Wee's "I'm rubber, you're glue" quip.

  • Dragonair


    Like a mixture between a Pegasus and a snake, Dragonair has the long body of a serpent but features small wings along the sides of its head and a white horn on its forehead. The orbs on its neck and tail, meanwhile, speak to this Pokémon creature's psychic abilities: Through these spheres, Dragonair emits auras of different colors that, in turn, influence the weather. The mystical, cloud-like splashes of color around the creature in this tat play up themes of energy and atmospheric changes.

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  • Eeveelutions


    Ever since Pokémon Go was unveilved, Eevee has emerged as one of its most desirable characters since it can evolve into eight different Pokémon types: grass type Leafeon, psychic type Espeon, dark type Umbreon, fire type Flareon, water type Vaporeon, and electric type Jolteon, ice type Glaceon, and fairy type Sylveon. This tattoo captures Eevee and its eight evolutions, showing the world of opportunities this special Pokémon can unlock!

  • Meowth


    If you thought Heathcliff was scrappy, then you have not met Meowth. This feline Pokémon is so sneaky it even hides its claws in order to walk without making a sound. Oddly enough, Meowth could talk in the TV series (unlike most Pokémon), which accounts for much of its popularity. Besides, who can't appreciate a slick-talking cat that's quick on its feet?

  • Caterpie


    As its name suggests, Caterpie is a caterpillar that also happens to be a cutie pie. Sure, it doesn't have any remarkable abilities, but eventually, this little bug does become a butterfly. 

  • Slowpoke


    A cross between a hippopotamus and a salamander, Slowpoke lives in his own unhurried universe of delightful obliviousness, using his tail to catch and eat fish, then lounging around the water's edge. He is, in essence, the Pokémon equivalent of Patrick Star in SpongeBob SquarePants — forgetful, sluggish, and dim-witted, but somehow totally adorable and hilarious.

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