15 Style Tips & Tricks for Showing Off Every Body's Perfections

Elaine Yu | Jul 29, 2016 Beauty & Style

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As a personal stylist and shopper, I learn a lot about how women view their bodies. "I hate my thighs," "The jiggle in my arms is distracting," "Hide my belly flab," or "My butt feels enormous" are some of the frequent comments I hear. Of course, none of these things are usually true, but sadly we are conditioned to focus on the negative. The best part of my job is teaching clients how to dress their bodies to show off their assets instead of always focusing on their so-called trouble spots.

Here's a simple solution you can apply several ways -- draw attention up toward the face so that people naturally look you in the eyes. Sound complicated? It's not! Let me show you 14 ways to draw attention away from your trouble spots so you can stop fixating and start enjoying.


Image via thisseasonsgold/Instagram

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