17 Times the Mighty White Tee Proved Anything but Boring

Elaine Yu | Jul 18, 2016 Beauty & Style

white tee shirtWhen you're stuck in a style rut and wishing for a transformation, your first instinct probably isn't to reach for your plain, simple, basic white tee shirt. It's the piece that could be considered "boring," or perhaps you're saving it for lazy Sundays -- but wait; your white tee shirt is actually a powerhouse! This closet staple can be worn a hundred ways, making it the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. 

Whether you're going to the park with your babies or out to dinner with the girls, these stylish Instagrammers will show you how to wear one with style.

The white tee shirt can be the foundation of any outfit for all occasions, and the best part is, you already have one in your closet. If your white tee is looking a little more off-white these days, relax! I've done the work for you and featured my favorite picks too.


Image via Diana Indiana/Shutterstock