12 Mom Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Kelly Bryant | Jul 11, 2016 Beauty & Style

If you want the latest real-deal beauty info for everyday women, without question you go to beauty bloggers. These women have tried nearly every product on the market and can give you the lowdown on what actually works IRL, as opposed to the glossy pages of a magazine.

With that being said, following a beauty blogger who also happens to be a mom adds another layer of expertise that's super helpful. Not only are they offering up tips for efficient but super-cute, on-trend looks, but they're more than likely not recommending products that cost an arm and a leg.

We scoured Instagram for mom beauty bloggers that are true must-follows for providing style inspiration with a touch of parental knowledge. So start following these ladies now, and you'll be creating the perfect cat eye and waterfall braids in no time. 


Image via iStock.com/Eva Katalin Kondoros

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