11 Beautiful Jewelry Keepsakes Made With Your Own Breast Milk

11 Beautiful Jewelry Keepsakes Made With Your Own Breast Milk

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Breast milk is liquid gold, and mamas know how special that breastfeeding relationship is with our children. To commemorate that time, there are gorgeous breast milk jewelry keepsakes to seal mom's milk into stunning pieces that can be cherished forever. While it might seem strange at first, these pieces made from breast milk are truly a unique and beautiful way to commemorate that special time when mom and baby bonded. We found some of the prettiest and most special breast milk keepsakes that any mom is sure to love. 

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The first few months between mom and baby are truly special. In the months, or years, when mom is breastfeeding and taking care of her little one, there is a deep bond that she will want to remember for the rest of her child's life. We found keepsakes that any new mom would think are simply spectacular. Some of these beautiful items are made not only with breast milk, but with placenta, too. These custom-made pieces have a moonstone feel because of the coloring, and there is no denying their magical powers. 

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Take a look at these lovely rings, bracelets, necklaces, and charms that can all be made with a new mom's breast milk. They're sure to remind a mama of that special time when her little chick was just a baby. 


Images (clockwise from left) via etsy.com/TheKeepsakeWorkshop; iamstarchild.com; hollydaydesigns.com; beyondthewillowtree.com; etsy.com/MXDCustoms

  • Amethyst Tipped Keepsake Crystal.

    breastmilk necklace charm
    Image via beyondthewillowtree.com

    The Amethyst Tipped Keepsake Crystal ($105.04, beyondthewillowtree.com) is truly magical -- you contribute your breast milk (or placenta) to make this charm completely charming and something to cherish forever.

  • Breast Milk Bubble Necklace.

    breastmilk necklace
    Image via iamstarchild.com

    This Breast Milk Bubble Necklace ($59.99, iamstarchild.com) has that moonstone look we love, with so much more meaning. Choose from a 16- or 18-inch chain.

  • Arrow Breast Milk Bracelet.

    breastmilk bracelet
    Image via hollydaydesigns.com

    With a chic design, the Arrow Breast Milk Bracelet ($65, hollydaydesigns.com) encapsulates breast milk with the arrowhead, and you can choose rose gold or antique silver.

  • Resin Breast Milk Pendant.

    breastmilk jewelry
    Image via etsy.com

    Showcasing it like the liquid gold that it is, this Resin Breast Milk Pendant ($35, etsy.com/MXDCustoms) can be tailor-made just for you. This one features gold and sparkle and would look lovely as a necklace.

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  • Breast Milk Bead.

    breastmilk bead
    Image via lifesjourneyjewelrycreations.com

    Simply beautiful, this Breast Milk Bread ($62, lifesjourneyjewelrycreations.com) can be made in silver, gold, or copper and can feature a name or initial. It's a perfect addition to your charm bracelet or on a chain.

  • Breast Milk Bangle.

    breastmilk jewelry
    Image via etsy.com

    With its delicate design, this bangle can be made by you ... just like you made your breast milk. The DIY Breast Milk Bangle Keepsake Kit ($33.48, etsy.com/TheKeepsakeWorkshop) includes all you need to make this personal and meaningful. 

  • Personalized Hand Stamped Breast Milk Necklace.

    breastmilk necklace
    Image via etsy.com

    As a lovely locket, the Personalized Hand Stamped Breast Milk Necklace ($40, etsy.com/nestledwithlove) includes the locket and tag with your child's name, along with instructions on putting your breast milk into the locket. 

  • Double Circle Ring.

    breastmilk ring
    Image via maternalbirths.com

    What's really neat about this Double Circle Ring ($45, maternalbirths.com) is that it can be filled with breast milk or placenta ash -- perhaps both making it doubly magical.

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  • Customized Locket Set.

    breastmilk locket
    Image via preciousmilkdrops.com

    A Customized Locket Set ($75, preciousmilkdrops.com) is a thoughtful way to put together your breastfeeding memories. Choose your own beads and colors, as well as birthstones and charms to make this truly unique.

  • DIY Breast Milk Pendant Necklace Keepsake Kit.

    breastmilk jewelry kit
    Image via etsy.com

    You've made life. You've made breast milk. You can most certainly make your own breast milk jewelry. This DIY Breast Milk Pendant Necklace Keepsake Kit ($33.48, etsy/TheKeepSakeWorkshop) comes with solventlight cure adhesive, a UV torch,
    breast milk dropper, glass pendant, and the necklace. So pretty.

  • Vintage Breast Milk Ring.

    breastmilk ring
    Image via etsy.com

    For those who love vintage jewelry, this Vintage Breast Milk Ring ($100, etsy.com/MXDCustoms) can be custom-made to preserve your breast milk inside the stone forever. This makes it such a lovely piece to pass down for generations.

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