11 Beautiful Jewelry Keepsakes Made With Your Own Breast Milk

custom breast milk jewelryBreast milk is liquid gold, and mamas know how special that breastfeeding relationship is with our children. To commemorate that time, there are gorgeous breast milk jewelry keepsakes to seal your milk into gorgeous pieces you'll cherish forever.


These beautiful items be made not only with breast milk, but with placenta, too. These custom-made pieces have a moonstone feel because of the coloring, and there is no denying their magical powers. Take a look at these lovely rings, bracelets, necklaces, and charms that can all be made with your breast milk.


Images (clockwise from left) via etsy.com/TheKeepsakeWorkshop; iamstarchild.com; hollydaydesigns.com; beyondthewillowtree.com; etsy.com/MXDCustoms

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