11 Super-Quick Beauty Hacks, Perfect for a Last-Minute Date

Hacks for last minute dates

How many times have you been out and about (or at work) when that guy you've been crushing on calls you up with last-minute plans? Probably more than a few, right? Nevertheless, you're well aware of how bittersweet that can be -- especially during the hot summer months when the sweltering heat doesn't leave you looking all that good at the end of the day. 

But, know this: It's not the end of the world. In fact, we've got 9 hacks to make prettying yourself up for last-minute plans as seamless and comfortable as humanly possible. 


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  • How-To Your Hair


    You're in luck because the Internet is chock-full of easy hair tutorials, like this one with 5 Easy Spring/Summer Hairstyles. And there are a ton more where this came from (YouTube, that is). Find a style you like (messy buns are still hot!) in your phone and take on your mane in your workplace or gym bathroom.

  • Glam Up at the Makeup Counter

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    If you just don't feel like doing your makeup or perhaps don't have any on you, the MAC counter has what they call an eye demo, and upon availability, they will do complimentary eye makeup for you. 

  • Smell Good With Samples

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    Feeling naked without your signature scent? Stop by a department store and get a nice sample of your favorite perfume. 

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  • Shower at the Gym

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    Need way more than some makeup and spritz of perfume? Milk your gym membership for all that it's worth! If you don't have time to stop at home (and really, who does?), stop at the gym and shower there. 

    They can't really side-eye you, this is a perk that you've paid for -- you've earned it, damn it.

  • Forget the Frizz


    Aside from your gym having a blow dryer, it will also save you time and eliminate frizz if you use a T-shirt to dry your hair versus a towel. 

  • Dry Shampoo


    Dry shampoo can double as hair product and (body) odor eliminator -- spray a bit under your arms to freshen up after a long day or just conquering the summer humidity.

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  • Makeshift Bobby Pins


    No time for a beauty supply run? Grab a handful of paperclips and open them up to form an open-ended hair pin. 

  • Renew Foundation


    By warming a dab of lotion in your hand and adding in a drop or two of water, you can refresh your (half) day old foundation by pressing the mixture into your skin.  

  • Spare Yourself

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    I can't say we're fans of dry lips, especially when anticipating a good kiss. So, if you're like me and keep a toothbrush in your filing cabinet, then you should know that it doubles as an exfoliating tool. If your lips are chapped, flaky, and generally having a gross day -- you can add a water and brush your lips in small circle motions. After you've exfoliated them, add a layer of lip balm for moisture.

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  • Grab a Roll

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    By separating a piece of tissue in two you can create DIY blotting sheets. For moms who are constantly toting baby wipes with them -- add this as yet another miracle you can work with baby wipes, as well.

  • Hand Sani Savior


    Grab a few pumps of your office sanitizer and use it when you've forgotten your deodorant; apparently it's got a similar touch. Hmm, I would've thought of hand sani for an impromptu bird bath but never for deodorant. 

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