50 Fantastic First Tattoo Ideas

50 Fantastic First Tattoo Ideas

hummingbird wrist tattoo

Getting a first tattoo is a big step that often takes a lot of thought and planning. Pretty much everyone wants a tattoo that won't be regrettable in 10 or 20 years -- and to hire a great artist to do it. We can't stress enough how important it is to go to a talented tattoo artist. Chances are they won't be cheap, but tattooing is a beautiful art form, and someone experienced with a good reputation will create work that will last and will look amazing.

For a first tattoo, find an artist who's inspiring, and consider getting a tattoo that is personal in some way. For some people, it could have sentimentality; for others, it could simply be an image they find beautiful. Meaningful quote tattoos and memorial tattoos are both popular choices.

Many folks also consider their favorite books or movies for first tattoo inspiration -- for example, Harry Potter is a popular one. All that matters is that the people really love their first tattoo (and all of the ones they get after that too, hopefully). It is a really fun experience that takes thought, money, and some pain as well. 

Here are 50 really great first tattoos! Use these an inspiration for that upcoming rite of passage for tattoo lovers. 

Sweet Bouquet First Tattoo

  • Heartbeat First Tattoo


    This heartbeat tattoo is so cute and simple. The wrist placement is also a great choice. 

  • Kitty Cat First Tattoo


    How adorable is this kitten!? Any cat lover would probably love to get something like this for a first tattoo. 

  • Jaws First Tattoo


    This shark tattoo has simple line work, but it looks so cool. A very creative choice for anyone who is a fan of Jaws or Shark Week on Animal Planet. 

  • Paw Print First Tattoo


    This heart and paw print is a really cute way show one's love for a pet. It's small and easy to cover up as well. 

  • Dog Tag First Tattoo


    This memorial tattoo is of her great grandfather's World War II dog tags. Very sentimental and it turned out stunning! 

  • Tree Leaves First Tattoo


    This branch of leaves is a very pretty first tattoo. The arm placement works really well with the design and we love the use of shading in the leaves. 

  • Twinkle First Tattoo


    For any folks who are scared to get something too big for their first tattoo, something really tiny can be just as cool! These little twinkle stars are super cute. 

  • Single Rose First Tattoo


    A single rose always looks so elegant. This arm tattoo is a lovely choice for someone getting a first tattoo! 

  • Purple Flower Tattoo


    This purple lotus flower is gorgeous! It may have taken a little while to do such great colors and details, but it totally looks worth it! 

  • Micro Heart First Tattoo


    For her tattoo, this Instagram user chose a very simple and small heart. It looks so great and was probably done in the blink of an eye! 

  • Lion First Tattoo


    For any people who are super ready for their first tattoo and know exactly what they want, just go for it! This large lion head is incredible! This Instagram user wrote that it's "exactly what I wanted but better." 

  • Sweet Memorial First Tattoo


    A first tattoo is always meaningful when it's in honor of a loved one. This girl got hers for her grandmother. It has a really sweet quote with a pretty sunflower and hummingbird. 

  • Bumblebee First Tattoo


    This cute little bumblebee looks so pretty surrounded by the flowers. The colors look great together. 

  • Sun First Tattoo


    This first tattoo has a very special meaning. Amanda Kadatz wrote: "I got this tattoo because of a long battle with mental illness. I wore the same sun-pendant necklace every day for years, and I would grab hold of it to calm myself down during an attack. Eventually, the sun grew to become more of a symbol to me, and I would tell myself 'the sun will come out tomorrow,' kind of like saying that life goes on, and it will all be okay. Eventually after many broken chains and the pendant starting to tarnish, it was time to get it tattooed, and I couldn't be happier."

  • Anchor First Tattoo


    An anchor is a good option for a first tattoo as well. There are so many different ways to design it. This simple shaded one turned out so well. 

  • Lion King First Tattoo


    This cute lioness and cub drawing is inspired by Disney's The Lion King. It's a really nice tattoo idea for a mama! 

  • Moon First Tattoo


    This moon tattoo looks out of this world (pun intended)! Its precise details are truly incredible. 

  • Single Line Quote First Tattoo


    Single line words or quotes look so delicate and make a really nice first tattoo. This one says "One of a kind" and we absolutely love it. 

  • Turtle First Tattoo


    This beautiful turtle looks stunning, but it takes a brave person to get this for a first tattoo, seeing how it took eight hours to finish! 

  • Hand-Poked First Tattoo


    Hand-poked tattoos are a big trend and they make really awesome first tattoos. This unique design features a moon, stars, and a sword. 

  • Crown First Tattoo


    All queens deserve a crown! This royal symbol is a cute idea for a first tattoo. 

  • Clover First Tattoo


    This four-leaf clover is super small and goes on relatively quickly -- which may be desirable for getting the first tattoo out of the way. Plus, it's a nice way to always carry around a lucky charm. 

  • Fox First Tattoo


    This little colorful fox is so adorable. Its owner loves it and so do we! 

  • Feather First Tattoo


    A lot of people love feather tattoos simply because they look so pretty, and there are a lot of ways to personalize them. This one has the bearer's grandfather's handwriting on it! So sweet. 

  • Diamond First Tattoo


    This watercolor diamond design is really edgy and artistic. We love the different line techniques and the color combination! 

  • Zodiac Sign First Tattoo


    For those who are into astrology, their zodiac symbol is a fun idea for a first tattoo. This Virgo symbol looks really chic adorning a wrist. 

  • Paris Skyline First Tattoo


    This skyline outline of Paris is the perfect travel tattoo for a first timer who's a Francophile! It's simple, adorable, and meaningful for those who love the City of Light.

  • Hummingbird First Tattoo


    This hummingbird tattoo is delicate and pretty -- and got this first-timer thinking about getting her next one! The Instagram user wrote: "Still so in love with my first tattoo, but I’m now getting excited for tattoo number 2 in 3 weeks."

  • Rocket Ship First Tattoo


    This cute little rocket ship made an astronomical first tattoo. We like the placement on her ankle.

  • Harry Potter First Tattoo


    Harry Potter fans are often inspired to show their love of the franchise by inking it on their bodies. This Potterhead got the spell "Expecto Patronum" tattooed on her for her first tattoo. 

  • Sherlock Holmes First Tattoo


    Sherlock Holmes fans will totally appreciate this clever tattoo idea! And the artistic incorporation of the pipe looks so good.

  • Dandelion First Tattoo 


    This tattoo of a dandelion with seeds that turn into birds is really whimsical and pretty. Of its meaning, this Instagram user wrote: "Don't get trapped in the routine of day-to-day life, let go once in a while and just be free."