50 Fantastic First Tattoo Ideas

hummingbird wrist tattoo

Getting a first tattoo is a big step that often takes a lot of thought and planning. Pretty much everyone wants a tattoo that won't be regrettable in 10 or 20 years -- and to hire a great artist to do it. We can't stress enough how important it is to go to a talented tattoo artist. Chances are they won't be cheap, but tattooing is a beautiful art form, and someone experienced with a good reputation will create work that will last and will look amazing.


For a first tattoo, find an artist who's inspiring, and consider getting a tattoo that is personal in some way. For some people, it could have sentimentality; for others, it could simply be an image they find beautiful. Meaningful quote tattoos and memorial tattoos are both popular choices.

Many folks also consider their favorite books or movies for first tattoo inspiration -- for example, Harry Potter is a popular one. All that matters is that the people really love their first tattoo (and all of the ones they get after that too, hopefully). It is a really fun experience that takes thought, money, and some pain as well. 

Here are 50 really great first tattoos! Use these an inspiration for that upcoming rite of passage for tattoo lovers. 

Sweet Bouquet First Tattoo