We Tried It: Mission to Find the Best Basic Black Underwear

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  • Tomboyx


    Image via tomboyx.com

    Okay, fine! We cheated a little with this one! But we heard over and over how comfortable Tomboyx's Iconic Briefs ($18, tomboyx.com) were, so even though they're not strictly bikinis, we felt we had to give them a try. And we are SO glad we did. The best word we have for this pair is "sturdy" -- they're thick and built to last but still look very cool in a very (duh) tomboy sort of way. The thick waist band was also a huge comfort -- both in a "I'm not digging into your skin and leaving marks!" way and a "hide anything you want under me, I got ya," kind of way.

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  • Calvin Klein


    Image via calvinklein.com

    We sort of wanted our Calvin Kleins to quietly turn us into Kendall Jenner for the day, and while that didn't really happen at all, even after the experiment ended, our pair of Calvin Klein's Logo Cotton Stretch Bikini ($12 or 3 for $30, calvinklein.com) has been one we always grab off the top of the clean pile first. The weight is of the cotton is just right, and the thick band across the top makes them feel solid and secure. Plus, the almost '90s-ish height to the leg openings makes us look pretty hot, if we do say so ourselves. Not Kendall Jenner hot, but at this point, we'll take what we can get. 

  • Aerie


    Image via ae.com

    Aerie's Aerie Logo Bikini ($7.50, ae.com) swooped with one of the lowest price points of all the underwear on our list, but that really didn't have any bearing over the quality. They're not made with particularly fancy or particularly eco-friendly fibers like some of the other brands used, but they're thick and soft and sometimes you really just need a good ol' pair of cotton underwear in your drawer. Plus, the cut of these is one of the cutest we tried -- they sit just right on our hips and the scalloped waistband is elastic enough to keep 'em up with out squeezing too much in.

  • On Gossamer


    Image via ongossamer.com

    All of On Gossamer's lingerie is pretty dang adorable, even when it's trying to be basic and plain. Exhibit A: Their Microglamour Hip Bikini ($16, ongossamer.com), which is pretty standard in terms of cut and color, but with embroidered bands that pull the whole thing together. Every underwear drawer must have some nylon, and this pair would be our pick -- it's 86 percent nylon and 14 percent spandex, which helps solve some of the stickiness and stretchiness issues we normally run into with 100 percent nylon undies.

  • Gap


    Image via gap.com

    Gap has always been one of our go-tos for solid staples, and their underwear selection is no different. This String Bikini ($10.50, gap.com) sits with a little more flexibility and a little more of the "barely there" feeling than most bikinis do, making it one of our light-weight faves.

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  • Hanky Panky


    Hanky Panky's Organic Cotton V-kini with Lace ($29, hankypanky.com) look pretty sexy, right? Like, so sexy that there's no way they could be comfortable, right? Wrooong. The lace band is actually the most comfortable part of the whole package -- it's stretchy and forgiving and doesn't slip or squeeze any more than necessary. But it's also fairly delicate and has a pretty high rip risk, so we'd be afraid of being too hard on these guys. Mostly, though, we love them. (For the record, Hanky Panky also has an awesome plus size collection that's truly no less sexy than their originals, which gets 18 thumbs-up from us.)

  • Fruit of the Loom


    Image via fruit.com

    Since we really were on a mission to get black only, we didn't love that Fruit of the Loom's Breathable Bikini ($12.77 for 5, amazon.com) came in assorted color packs. But we felt like we had to include a cheaper option on the list, and these were our favorite of the bunch. The mesh fabric is kind of strange but really lightweight and breathable, and the microfiber lining is super comfy on.

  • Magic Silk


    Image via figleaves.com

    Because we believe in treating ourselves, and in the power of silk to make us feel cosmopolitan and luxe, we tried Magic Silk's Silk Knit Bikini Brief ($36, figleaves.com). We came for the 100 percent silk and stayed for the 100 percent silk -- this pair of underwear is all luxury, and while they probably wouldn't be up to summer sweat or many big bends and stretches, they're still all we ever want to wear while lounging at home from now on.

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