12 Rad Rings We Want Wrapped Around Our Fingers

Michele Zipp | May 26, 2016 Beauty & Style

Your fingers need to be decorated this summer and there are several really cool trends happening right now. We are in love with light stones (especially opals and moonstones), as well as gold and wrap rings and signets. And because it isn't just about one statement ring and instead several rings, we have quite a collection to tempt you.

The detailing of these rings are beautiful -- some ornate, some minimal. Geometric shapes and magical stones continue to make a big impression. And our love affair with the open ring is still going strong. Check out this collection ... and just try to pick one favorite. We have 12.


Images (clockwise from top left) via etsy.com; madewell.com; bananarepublic.com; etsy.com; localeclectic.com