Let's Get Sentimental About '00s Beauty Products

Let's Get Sentimental About '00s Beauty Products

00s Beauty products

The early '00s might feel like ages ago, but in case you need reminding, it really wasn’t too long ago when Britney shed her good girl image, Motorola Razr phones were on our wish lists, and Kim Kardashian was still Paris Hilton's assistant. Whoa.

While you’re still trying to process how much has actually changed since the days of Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC, we thought it only appropriate to indulge in the '00s nostalgia, and look back at the crazy beauty products we had stashed inside our Caboodles boxes. Yes, we're talking celebrity beauty products, super shiny lip glosses (why?!), and all those crazy hair gadgets you probably wasted your time with.

Ready for a total blast from the past? Here are 13 beauty products you definitely had back in the 2000s.


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  • Lancome Juicy Tubes


    Image via eBay

    Who remembers all the babysitting money spent on these glorious glosses?

  • Dessert Beauty by Jessica Simpson


    Image via Amazon

    Way before Jessica Simpson had a successful clothing line, the Newlyweds star dabbled in the world of cosmetics, creating a short-lived beauty line of ‘edible’ cosmetics every cool girl had to have. While we’re positive none of Simpson’s lip glosses and body creams were exactly edible, we’ll regrettably admit to tasting them once or twice.

  • BCBG STAR Fragrance


    Image via eBay

    Back in 2001, designer Max Azria launched a series of four scents (METRO, SEXY, NATURE, and STAR) that definitely found its place in our nightstands and school lockers. While some of us probably went for the SEXY and NATURE fragrances, we all remember spritzing on the STAR fragrance before all those formals and first dates.

  • Conair Hair Braider


    Image via eBay

    Why we used this, we’ll probably never know ... 

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  • Zig Zag Part Maker Kit


    Image via eBay

    Lesson learned: Origami is best left to paper, not with hair.

  • Glow by Jennifer Lopez Perfume


    Image via eBay

    If there ever was a scent that captures the ’00s in all its splendor, we’re thinking JLo’s debut perfume takes the cake.

  • Bonne Bell Eyeshadow Boxes


    Image via eBay

    Before there were eyeshadow palettes and smoky-eye kits, these mini shadow quads were definitely our BFF.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch Classic Scent


    Image via eBay

    Admit it, even if you were more of a Hot Topic kind of girl, you probably had an Abercrombie fragrance (or two) inside your backpack.

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  • Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance


    Image via eBay

    While Strawberries & Champagne comes pretty close, nothing tops our obsession for this sickly sweet body spray. 



  • Roll-On Body Glitter


    Image via eBay

    Raise those hands if you practically marinated yourself in this stuff! PS, who else was team Melon Mania back then?!


  • Britney Spears Curious Fragrance


    Image via Amazon

    Long before Fantasy came along, Brit’s Curious scent totally made us feel not so innocent.

  • Butterfly Hair Clips


    Image via eBay

    Seriously, if you didn't own 50 of these, you probably weren’t an ’00s girl after all. 

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  • Wrap, Snap & Go Curlers


    Image via Amazon

    Poodle curls, here we come!



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