How to Take Your Measurements for Mistake-Proof Online Shopping

Elaine Yu | May 25, 2016 Beauty & Style

how to take measurements

Shopping for new clothes at home in your pajamas whenever you want is a dream come true. That is, until your purchases arrive in the mail and you discover that everything is the wrong size. Ugh. Double ugh. To make things even more frustrating, some retailers have been known to play around with sizing so your size 4 at one store might be a size 8 at another. 

Want to learn a quick way to avoid the hassle of having to return items on the other end? Because honestly, who has time to drive to the mall to make returns? You're shopping online because it's convenient! No one wants any additional items on their to-do list.

Here's the simple solution -- learn how to take your own measurements! Don't know how? Read my step-by-step guide here.

 how to measure yourself online shopping

Images via Michelle Moon

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