50 Back Tattoo Ideas That Are Incredibly Beautiful

Michele Zipp | Mar 19, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Back Tattoo Ideas That Are Incredibly Beautiful

back tattoo

Back tattoos on women are simply gorgeous, especially if they are big and bold. There is so much room to work with, and artists are able to really conceptualize a major piece. Back tats often take hours and sometimes even multiple sessions to complete, which attests to the fact that they're truly works of art. We think that a woman's back is one of the most elegant parts of a woman, which makes it a worthy place for a stunning piece of ink

Backs also allow for some serious versatile tattoos. People can choose between pieces that linger in their upper back or are splayed out across their entire back. Maybe they want a tattoo that runs down their spine, or maybe they would prefer to go for classic lower back tat. 

Even more so, when it comes to a canvas as large as our backs, we can decide on really intricate and detailed pieces, or opt for thick and bold minimalist lines. Whatever our style is, there is a back tattoo to fit it! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to back tats, which, of course, can make the decision a little intimidating and overwhelming! 

To usher in some ink inspiration, we scoured the Internet for 50 stunning back tattoos. Featuring animals or pirate ships, flowers or intricate patterns, all of these tattoos make a big statement. And all of them will inspire anyone to plan that next tattoo.