Former '90s Teens Get All Nostalgic About Bath & Body Works #FlashbackFragrances

Bath & Body Works rereleases '90s scents in honor of #FlashbackFragrances

Before kids were dousing themselves in Axe body spray, tweens and teens from the '90s had scents -- like Country Apple and Peony -- to smell good. And soon, we can relive those glory days. That's right: Bath & Body Works is rereleasing six '90s fragrances that will have you feeling like you're back in homeroom playing M.A.S.H. with your bestie.


(Holy Sun-Ripened Raspberries! Don't you tempt me with a good time.)

Come May 27, millennials will be lining up (myself included) to get their hands on eight throwback Bath & Body Works fragrances set to make their summer debut. They'll be available in stores and online through July 3, so you too can stock up on once-popular middle school scents like Country Apple, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Cucumber Melon, Freesia, Cotton Blossom, Peony, Brown Sugar & Fig, and Mango Mandarin.

Since news broke, tons of people have been in their feelings and taking a stroll down memory lane, thanks to these fun scents that helped get them through those awkward "wonder years." We asked a few women their thoughts on the #FlashbackFragrances headed to Bath & Body Works.

Here's what several former '90s teens had to say:

1. "The only certainty I had during puberty was knowing I smelled good -- thanks to the endless bottles of Cucumber Melon I had in my drawer." -- Rachel F., Savannah, GA

2. "I remember being so crushed I couldn't buy a ton of Bath & Body Works products. You were the sh** if you came to school with hand lotions, shower gels, and body sprays from the same set. Now that these products are coming back, yeah, I'ma buy three and get one free the heck out of some Country Apple." -- Candice K., Oklahoma City, OK

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3. "There were three things I always kept in my locker at school: lip gloss, my geometry boom, and a bottle of Freesia lotion." -- Stephanie S., Annapolis, MD

4. "I'm not gonna lie, wearing the Peony collection made me feel like Donna Martin -- and if you have to ask who that is, these products aren't for you." -- Rebecca S., Chicago, IL

5. "Man, these products were soo expensive growing up! (Well, to a 13-year-old during the '90s.) You were such a cool kid of you could buy a set at the mall!" -- Mallory D., Grand Rapids, MI

6. "OMG, I remember the Sun-Ripened Raspberry spray and how awful it smelled if you used too much! I probably smelled so nasty during first period." -- Jasmine E., Chantilly, VA

7. "Is it bad that I still buy Country Apple online? (EBay is amazing, you know.)" -- Amber P., Pensacola, FL

8. "'N Sync, Fat Boy Slim, and Cucumber Melon were my '90s." -- Arielle J., New York, NY

9. "I have the craziest memories of spraying Freesia everywhere before my crush walked down the hall. He always complimented me on how I smelled." -- Johanna S., Phoenix, AZ



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