Style Delivered: 5 Clothing Subscription Services Compared

Elaine Yu | May 11, 2016 Beauty & Style

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If you hate to shop and the thought of mall parking makes you cringe, the time has come to give the style subscription box service a try! Who wouldn't love a box of clothes delivered right to your front door? 

Before you jump up and down and squeal with glee, know that all style boxes are not created equal. Read my review of five hot style boxes to help you decide which one is right for you.


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  • Stitch Fix


    Image via Stitch Fix

    Company: Stitch Fix

    Service: Subscription service of personalized selection of clothes and accessories.

    Frequency: Flexible.

    Length of Time: 3 days to try on clothes at home.

    How It Works: Complete a 10-minute Style Profile and schedule first shipment.

    Perfect Customer: Women who hate to shop and struggle with putting outfits together.

    Cost: There's a $20 styling fee that goes toward your purchase. In each shipment, you'll receive five items. If you keep everything, you get 25 percent off. Free shipping and returns.

    Upside: Style cards teach you how to wear each piece of clothing with the right pairings and accessories. Average price of $55 per item.

    Downside: The items you receive can be boring and generic. 

  • MM.LaFleur


    Image via MM.LaFleur

    Company: MM.LaFleur

    Service: Bento box of professional clothing.

    Frequency: Not a subscription service so you can purchase whenever you like.

    Length of Time: 4 days to try on.

    How It Works: Answer a style survey that includes questions like height, bra size, your thoughts on wearing the color black, and a choice of your favorite style icon from Oprah Winfrey to Gloria Steinem.

    Perfect Customer: Professional woman who likes basics.

    Cost: Free to try with no initial start-up cost.

    Upside: Sizes ranging from 0P - 16. A good understanding of quality basics specifically for the working woman.

    Downside: $110 - $295 per piece.

  • Fabletics


    Image via Fabletics

    Company: Fabletics

    Service: Athletic wear

    Frequency: Monthly if you sign up for their VIP member service. Or whenever you want to purchase as a guest.

    Length of Time: 30 days to return unwanted pieces.

    How It Works: Answer a Lifestyle Quiz including choice of workout, favorite color palette, and sizing information.

    Perfect Customer: Women who like to work out or wear the athleisure trend.

    Cost: $25 for the first outfit. $49.95 monthly unless you decide to skip a month. Monthly fee can be used toward purchase.

    Upside: Complete outfits for the gym.

    Downside: Complicated website experience.

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  • LeTote


    Image via LeTote

    Company: Le Tote

    Service: Rent clothes and accessories. Pay for what you’d like to keep.

    Frequency: Wear for as long as you want.

    Length of Time: Return when you’re ready for your next shipment.

    How It Works: Select items you like from a checklist and a personalized selection is offered.

    Perfect Customer: The stylish woman who likes to refresh her wardrobe often.

    Cost: $59 per month, free shipping both ways.

    Upside: Variety of brands available from Levi's to Tahari.

    Downside: High monthly fee.

  • ThredUp


    Image via ThredUp

    Company: ThredUp

    Service: Consignment shopping and selling from home.

    Frequency: No commitment.

    Length of Time: No commitment.

    How It Works: Shop available merchandise from website or sell by ordering a Clean Out Kit to consign unwanted items.

    Perfect Customer: Vintage, thrift, or bargain shopper who likes the idea of recycling pieces and reducing her carbon footprint.

    Cost: No fixed costs.

    Upside: Recycle unwanted clothing by ordering Clean Out Kit. The Payout Estimator helps you calculate potential earnings from consigning your items.

    Downside: Low payout but might be worth it for the convenience and if consigning several items at a time.

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