You'll Definitely Want to Write These Allergy-Friendly Beauty Tips Down

allergies makeupThe spring sunshine and blossoming florals may be ultimately refreshing, but the newfound spring air can be a big problem for allergy sufferers -- especially since puffy eyes, itchy red nose, or flaking skin can throw a serious wrench in any beauty routine.

But while the idea of slapping makeup on puffy eyes may seem scary, know that there are simple tips to keep you looking your very best, even if you are feeling sniffly and sneezy. For easy beauty hacks that won’t let you down, try these 10 expert tips next time your allergies start acting up.



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  • Perk Up Your Eyes First


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    Puffy eyes are never fun, especially since they give your face a tired and exhausted appearance. To successfully boost your peepers first thing in the morning, celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams recommends using caffeinated tea bags for a fast fix.

    "For puffy eyes, use a caffeinated tea bag after it's cooled for an hour (in the freezer) for a fast comfort and deflating fix," says Williams.

  • Then Add Some Concealer


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    Once you’ve successfully tackled puffiness, it’s best to go easy with the makeup, being that you won’t want to irritate your eyes any more than you have to.

    Makeup artist Mickey Williams recommends applying on concealers with peach undertones first, as they can easily correct any underlying graying and blue tones found under your eyes.

  • Go Light on the Eye Makeup


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    It may be tempting to pack on the shadows and liners when your allergies kick in, but expert makeup artist Jamie Greenberg finds that it’s best to go light and simple, as you won’t want to overwhelm itchy and red eyes.

    Greenberg states waterproof cream shadows (she loves pastel and iridescent shades) are best for watery eyes, as they are easy to apply and are more lightweight on your lids.

  • Be Careful With the Mascara


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    When dealing with watery eyes, Jamie Greenberg recommends carefully applying your mascara by drawing the wand upwards in one steady motion. Wiggling the wand will only cause your eyes to water even more.

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  • Look for Color-Correcting Facial Concealers


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    When it comes to facial makeup, the same color correcting rules usually apply. Jamie Greenberg recommends finding tinted concealers for the face, as they will cancel out any redness and inflammation you may be experiencing.

    “Opt for green- or yellow-tinted concealers to cancel out redness, which tends to be more concentrated around the nose due to too much tissue use,” says Greenberg.

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  • Contouring Can Slim a Puffy Face


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    Another puffy face buster, contouring can instantly give your face a slimmer and chiseled appearance. Makeup artist Greenberg suggests using bronzer to shade your nose, cheeks, and chin. Finish your look by highlighting your cheeks and nose.

    "Use a bronzer to shade (cheeks, nose, under chin); this helps to chisel the face and can make puffiness look more defined," says Greenberg. "Then, use a highlighter to draw attention to specific features such as the cheekbones and the center of the nose."

  • Find Full Coverage Products for Red Nose


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    But if you’re experiencing redness in the nose area, makeup expert Mickey Williams stresses the importance of finding full coverage products. Light and watery foundations usually wipe away easily, so it’s best to find powder products that properly conceal any redness.

    "Use a cake concealer or wet/dry powder foundation to get better coverage," says Williams. "Watery foundations and cover-up will wipe away with the first tissue touching that nose."

  • Scotch Tape Will Get Rid of Flaking


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    Dry, cracked, and peeling skin is often associated with allergies, so it’s more than important to make sure you’re well rested and hydrated. But if you are looking for a fast makeup hack that can keep the flaking down, look no further than scotch tape to do the trick.

    “Make sure skin is moisture free, and then apply a piece of scotch tape over skin pressing down," says Mickey Williams. "Quickly peel off, and the off-putting skin flakes vanish. Use a new piece of tape for each area."

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  • Try Creative Hairstyles


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    If you are still in need a boost of glam, it’s best to rev up your look with some distracting hairstyles (braids and ponies), as they will keep any unwanted attention away from your face.

    “A gorgeous mane is a great distracter,” says beauty expert Mickey Williams. “The compliments that you’re sure to receive will be like a psychical shot in the arm.”

  • Check Your Products


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    While pollen can definitely send someone’s allergies into overdrive, sometimes it’s just as important to keep tabs on your products, as product ingredients can trigger similar reactions. Dermatologist and RealSelf contributor Dr. Joel Schlessinger states that the most common culprits for beauty product allergies include fragrance, dyes, and preservatives, which can be found in anything from an eyeshadow to a moisturizer.

    "Some products can trigger certain skin conditions," says Schlessinger. "Seeing a dermatologist is the best way to get a definite diagnosis for any rash or irritation."

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