11 Sexy Celebrity Hairstyles You Can DIY This Spring

Kelly Bryant | Apr 21, 2016 Beauty & Style
11 Sexy Celebrity Hairstyles You Can DIY This Spring

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Spring has finally sprung, meaning we can put our winter beanies on hiatus for a while and play around with some styles that don't exactly work under hat hair.

Need a little inspiration? We found a bevy of gorgeous 'dos that are perfect for the warmer weather and asked a few hair stylists about tips for trying the looks out at home. So whether you're heading to work, a wedding, or that elusive date night, pick your poison and try one of these hairstyles on for size.


Image via Janet Mayer / Splash News

  • Chrissy Teigen


    Image via All Access Photo

    New mama Chrissy Teigen is always a source of style inspo for us, and this high messy bun is perfect for appearing pulled together while not looking like you're trying too hard.

    Sheenon Olson, celebrity hairstylist and creative director for ATMA Beauty, offers up tips on how to achieve the look: "First off you need a good hair tie or bungee hair tie. I love the hooked bungees from Ricky's NYC. Great for all types of hair. When doing this styling [of] your hair at home, flip your head upside down and gather all your hair together on top of your crown. Then you are going to take your handy bungee and get a nice tight wrap around the base of the pony to ensure that it stays put all day. Once secured you will take your hair and twist it to help keep the layers together. You want to then take your hair and tie it into a a loose knot. You can then use bobby pins to secure any flyaways. I like to use a powder like Unite Expanda Dust to give grip to the hair it also allows me to work the hair more and create some volume."

  • Olivia Wilde


    Image via Janet Mayer/Splash News

    Olivia Wilde's side braid is both romantic and boho chic ... and we're in love with it.

    "Remember this look only works if you have long hair," says Olson. "It needs to be past your bust; otherwise you will need to supplement this braid with some extensions. When buying the extensions be sure to match the hair properly. Lots of times your roots are much darker than your ends. Just be sure it looks natural and blends well. I like to braid everything from the ears back leaving out the front. After the braid, I will take an Enzo Milano rod iron, curl the sections, and then bobby pin them back to where you started the braid. This keeps the style looking natural and fresh and not too much like the St. Pauly girl."

  • Lily Aldridge


    Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

    We may not all walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway, but we can at least have a clean ponytail like supermodel Lily Aldridge.

    "I love my Mason Pearson brush for this style," says Olson. "Spray the Mason with some hairspray and brush all of your hair back into a clean pony tail. I will reapply hairspray and brush several times to get a nice sleek look without having the hair look too much like a helmet. Once the hair is in a pony, to create that full texture, you can take a large rod iron and wrap the pieces in the pony. Spray with dry texturizing spray and then backcomb lightly with a bone comb to create that soft full wave."

  • Hilary Duff


    Image via Sartorial Photo/Splash News

    It's a bit tricky for beginners, but if you can ace this visible braid, you'll have the ultimate updo for any big spring event.

    "You will need to make sure you prep your hair with a texturizing spay so you can get some grip and the hair won't slip," says Olson. "One key note: braids tend to look better on hair that has been highlighted or has contrast in colors. Dark hair all over does not play up the braid nearly as much, but the visible braid is always the best option if you do have dark hair. In this case, you will create your part and braid both sides into two braided pig tails. You can then finish this style off by taking the two braids and pinning them into a bun in the back. I like to use a powder after I have created the braid. I then take my fingers and pull the braid apart to create more texture and give the braid a lived-in feel."

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  • Karolina Kurkova


    Image via Splash News

    "It's the perfect time of year to have fun, easy, go-to, updo styles that will keep you looking fresh and cool through the hot summer months to come," says Noel O'Neel, an Atlanta-based hair stylist with Salon Lofts. "Braids and messy dos are all the rage right now. I'm obsessed with Peter Coppola's line of smoothing products to keep the frizz and humidity out of the hair and expanding the staying power of my style. I prep my clients with PC's Just Blow. It's a blow out spray that I can apply in clean, wet hair or use to freshen up dry, second-day hair. Not only does it protect from the humidity, but also has a built-in heat protectant for those styles that require the use of hot tools."

    To replicate model Karolina Kurkova's 'do, follow O'Neel's prep advice and braid through the length of your strands, gently teasing at the back of the head to give the look a more undone feel.

  • Kendall Jenner


    Image via Splash News

    We're always looking for a cool way to update an average ponytail, which is why we're obsessed with the "bubble pony" Kendall Jenner rocked at the MTV Movie Awards this year.

    Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin created the look and even explained how to achieve it on Snapchat. To start, she prepped the model's hair with mousse while wet. Then she blew Kendall's strands dry and spritzed her own Ouai Wave Spray, using a Mason Pearson to brush it out through the length. Jen then secured sections of hair with elastics, gently pulling them out to create the full, bubble-like effect. The hair guru then smoothed out the rest of the length with a flat iron to keep strands sleek.

  • Rachel McAdams


    Image via Xavier Collin/Splash News

    Rachel McAdams is like the poster child for the modern-day bob -- who wouldn't want to chop their strands after seeing how versatile the actress can make the cut?

    This simple half updo is nonchalant and sexy all at the same time. Blow-dry hair using a flat brush to keep volume at bay. Spritz a texturizing spray on dry strands, then draw a deep side part. Tease hair at the crown of the head and pull strands away from either side of the face, using bobby pins to secure these pieces at the back of the head.

  • Kerry Washington


    Allan Bregg/Splash News

    Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to invest in clip-in extensions that can help you achieve the sweet braid Kerry Washington is rocking here.

    But O'Neel says the most important thing in terms of DIYing a cute look like this one is to have fun ... and get creative. "That's the key ... I play around a lot," she says. "I watch YouTube videos for fresh ideas and inspiration! One of my all-time favorite tricks is to 'sew' my clients' hair up and into place, especially if they are going to be dancing the night away. I literally sew their desired look into place (after I have placed bobby pins here and there for the blue print). I have professional tools, of course, but you could have fun with this idea. Visit a fabric store -- there are other tools that have flexible plastic needles and different kinds of thread. Be creative."

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  • Sarah Hyland


    Image via Nancy Rivera/Splash News

    Give a pony some pizazz with skinny braids placed just above either ear.

    Pull a top section of hair into a ponytail (as though you were creating a half-up do), then clip it out of the way. Take a bottom section and do the same, leaving a layer if hair loose between the two ponies. Starting with one side, divide three small sections of hair from this layer and slick a small drop of styling gel through them. Begin to braid, starting at the hair line and weaving tightly against your head until you reach the back, then fasten with a small elastic to hold in place. Repeat on the opposite side. Now release the upper and lower ponytails and sweep them into one large pony with all three layers.

  • Jessica Chastain


    Image via @Parisa/Splash News

    Even an "undone" look, like Jessica Chastain's loose waves, needs a little finesse.

    "I finish all my looks off with something ... a pomade or spray or even just a little gloss," says O'Neel. "But that hair needs something to seal the deal. A few of my favorites are Peter Coppola's Steel Hairspray -- it is flexible for workability but strong enough to keep your desired look in place -- or if I have a wispy look, I love Peter Coppola's Mud! It's a texturizing cream that can be applied wet or dry. It creates volume, messy locks, and tames frizz!"

  • Miranda Kerr


    Image via Aflo/Splash News

    If you've just chopped your locks into a bob in preparation for warmer weather, you may be struggling to get the hang of expertly styling it. Get a bouncy, wavy style like Miranda Kerr's by applying a styling creme through strands while they're wet and blow-drying with a large round brush for volume. When hair is dry, mist with a flexible hair spray. Use a one-inch curling iron to create loose spirals. Hold the iron vertically and curl away from the face. Spritz again with hairspray, then run your fingers through your strands to loosen up the texture. Voila!

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