3 Ways to Tie a Scarf in Under 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

3 ways to tie the scarfNo matter what season it is, a scarf is the perfect way to add a pop of color and a little excitement to any ensemble. But if you've often wondered how to tie this versatile accessory, we've got you covered. We're about to show you three ways you can tie and twist your favorite scarf in under two minutes.


Check out our three go-to styles: the Loop, the Twisted Wreath, and the Pretzel Wrap. They're practically foolproof!

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No more shoving those scarves to the back of the closet because you don't know how to style them. Dress up your wardrobe with one of these quick and easy methods and prepare for the compliments to pour in. And don't be surprised if someone asks you to share your scarf-tying expertise now that you're a pro!


Images via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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