15 Unforgettable (& Totally Regrettable) Fashion Trends From the Early '00s

2000s fashion trends

Fashion regrets start here. While we’re all probably growing weary of the ’90s style revival filled with crop tops and chokers, we’re even more uneasy about the possibility of questionable ’00s fashions making an undeserved comeback. 

Now without a doubt, the early ’00s was a weird time for fashion. Not only was all-over denim, surfer-chic, and tacky monogram purses a major thing, but it also was just awkward period filled with regrettable after regrettable style fails (remember denim Britney and Justin?) that we’re all probably second-guessing now.

So, if you’ve blocked out all your regrettable fashion choices you made back then, we don’t blame you at all. But if you are just a tad curious to relive all those crazy fashion memories, here are 15 items you probably had inside your closet. 


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