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13 Geometric Nail Designs That Are Anything but Square

geometric nails
Geometric shapes are everywhere -- on clothes, housewares, tattoos -- but bringing it to our nails is a whole other level of amazing. Taking cool shapes to our fingertips just upped your manicure game.

Take a look at this selection of geometric nails -- some are with bold and neon colors; others make amazing use of negative space. All in gorgeous geometry.


Image via ashleyjnails/Instagram

Image via divine_nails_/Instagram

1A bolt of blue.

This gorgeous manicure has the colors that scream summer. Created by nail artist Amanda Byrne, this mani adds a bit more geometric love thanks to the pointy shape.

Image via ashleyjnails/Instagram

2Three-point perfection.

Ashley Jansen is incredible at creating shapes on nails, and this fantastic triangle style nail art is tops. We love that it is showcased on shorter nails -- you don't need talons to have a chic mani.

Image via liliumzz/Instagram

3In vampire red.

Black, white, and red is classic cool, and nail artist Helene puts these colors together perfectly. We love the different geometric styles for each nail, but there is something about the pinky nail that really knocks it out.

Image via nailfietime/Instagram


The black lines separate these colors with a neon pop to make some seriously sexy geometric nails. Nail artist Maja Wrocław has a high-fashion nail style we adore.

Image via de.lish.ious.nails/Instagram

6Mermaid colors.

The fairy-dust sparkle of this geometric mani is just one part of how enchanting it is. Nail artist Alicia used what we will call mermaid colors -- so magical.

Image via sharon3895/Instagram

7Blue and gold.

Navy blue is so regal and the gold is fit for royalty. These colors together with the opposite geometry by Sharon Rossanda are royally awesome.

Image via mtkaccessories/Instagram

9So soft.

Mary Kotulak's nails are perfection. We love the designs on this white-based mani.

Image via marnaenaenails/Instagram

10Sheer black.

With a sheer black Marnae created herself, this matte black geo-style mani is off the charts.

Image via valentinaflegar/Instagram

11Big colors.

So many colors went into this bright nail design by Valentina Flegar. The white lines create a feel of sacred geometry.


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