13 Wacky Inventions for Women That You Will Never, Ever Need

smile trainerFor all the lint brushes and rolls of dress tape in the word, there are a million inventions created in the name of style that are colossally stupid. Like, your shoes don't need their own umbrellas. They don't. But someone thought they did, and enough people agreed with them that Shuellas were created, sold, and purchased. It's kind of beautiful, in its own way.

But Shuellas don't even top the list -- there's some wacky stuff out there. Here are 11 of our favorites.


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  • Bridal Buddy


    Image via bridalbuddy.net

    The Bridal Buddy ($59.65) is a layer of fabric you somehow fit under your wedding dress that'll make it easier to pee mid-wedding. If you ask us, this is taking away one of the essential functions of a maid of honor, but whatev.

  • Happy Face Smile Trainer


    Image via amazon.com

    No idea how a Happy Face Trainer ($8.44, amazon.com) would actually work, but for less than $10, it's obviously a steal.

  • Booty Pop


    Image via bootypop.com

    Booty Pop ($36, bootypop.com) is the absolutely necessary underwear that makes your butt pop -- and, apparently, comes with a giant lollipop and the answers to all of life's questions.

  • Pump Gloves


    Image via Pump Gloves LLC/Facebook

    Pump Gloves are the classy solution to keeping your hands and manicure safe from the nasty gas pump.

  • Sticky Sandals Disposable Soles


    Image via stickysandals.com

    If you're the kind of gal who likes walking around barefoot but has never swept a floor in her life, then you'll love these Sticky Sandals ($24.75 for 26, stickysandals.com). Actually, these ones coooould be useful if you use tanning beds or dirty gym showers, or if you're morally opposed to shoes. Maybe.

  • Picnic Pants


    Do these Picnic Pants even need a discussion? Like, what is there even to say?

  • Decorative Bra Straps


    Image via thebrazing.com

    If your bra straps peeking out from under your shirt are annoying you, why not just make them ... more noticeable? At a dollar per inch, The Brazing ($14, thebrazing.com) is definitely the best, most affordable way to do that.

  • Camel Toe Guard


    Image via cuchini.com

    Okay, so fine. No one likes a camel toe. But is a Camel Toe Guard ($19.95, cuchini.com) really the solution??

  • Boob Glue


    Image via bosomcouture.com

    Marketed as "gravity defying," Boob Glue ($34.95, bosomcouture.com) is designed to keep your boobs in place. Just ... warn the boys before they try to do the unsticking for you.

  • Lipstick Stencil


    Image via airbrushmakeup.com

    If you can never get your lipstick juuust right, Lip Stencils ($12, airbrushmakeup.com) might be for you. Because it's totally, definitely not obvious when you draw outside your lip lines, right?

  • Shoe Umbrellas


    Image via amazon.com

    Who needs rain boots when you can have Shoe Umbrellas ($12.99, amazon.com)?

  • Invisible Panties


    Image via kickstarter.com

    Totally invisible, totally weird. To be honest, we're not THAT surprised these Baba Invisible Panties didn't get the funding they needed from Kickstarter.

  • Towel Topper


    Image via mytoweltopper.com

    If ya haven't been able to figure out how to get your bath towel to stay put yet, you probably have bigger issues. But at least you can buy the Towel Topper ($12.99, mytoweltopper.com) to help with the towel thing?

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