9 Fabulous Brands That Understand 'Nude' Comes in Many Shades

Nude bandaids on little ballerinas

Over the years, my mother always taught me the importance of having a good collection of nudes -- may it be heels or lipsticks, she insisted it was a shade that every woman must own. But, how do you "do" nude when you're not tan, blush, or any of those other pale tones they keep in stock for fair-skinned women? You just didn't "do" nude, or, if you did, you did it incorrectly because your "nude" was not represented -- until now, that is. 


While many brands are still behind the times and still cater to the majority, others have begun to embrace the beauty of diversity by considering people of darker shades when creating nude lines. 

If you're looking to go "nude," here are nine products that have got you covered (pun so intended) for any and every skin tone -- from ballet shoes to bandages, and everything in between. 

1. Christian Louboutins 

This crazy-popular brand, "Red Bottoms," recently expanded its "spectrum" of pumps to flats, as well.  

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2. IMAN Cosmetics

Iman set out to change the world of beauty and fashion. She did just that with her BB cream that caters to black women, thus being less likely to leave them looking ashy.

3. Lauren B. Beauty Nude Polish

While nail polish may be one of the few times you can get away with it, we never turn down a cool new nail color. (Psst, this is just one of many.)

4. Black Opal Beauty Products

With eye shadows and so much more, this line is what I imagine heaven to be like. 

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5. Tkees

We've got heels and flats, but who are we to leave flip-flops out? This brand offers a cool line of "thong" flip-flops in a range of colors.

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6. Tru-Colour Bandages

As if a band-aid doesn't look crazy enough on its own, finally there are bandages that blend (even if I did think they were cool as a child). 

7. Nubian Skin Lingerie 

This line began in the United Kingdom and in all its glory expanded to the United States, blessing us with a line of lingerie that accounts for women of all shades. (No thanks to some of our favorite companies, like Victoria Secret.)

8. BLOCH 'Eric' Tan 

This European line created "Eric" tan ballet slippers, and while it's currently only for men at the moment, we're hoping they continue to expand for women and children.

9. Crayola

One of the first brands to change the game, Crayola introduced its multicultural line back in 1992 with crayons, and since then they've expanded to markers, colored pencils, and so much more. Inclusive things like these help kids build a stronger sense of belonging and of self -- it's just not right when you can't even find a crayon to draw a picture of yourself! 

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