What to Wear on Rainy Days

what to wear rainy day

When you wake up in the morning and it’s raining, it’s pouring, and the old man is snoring, you’ll probably grumble and feel flustered about what to wear. Mother Nature can certainly throw us a curveball when it comes to our personal style -- but worry no more! I’ve curated two rainy day outfits so you can get on with your day without having to show up to work or school drop-off looking like a sloppy, wet mess. Bring on the April showers!


Two options for you -- one budget friendly and one splurge worthy -- with all your rainy day essentials: raincoat, rain boots, water-resistant tote bag, stylish umbrella, and even a waterproof cell phone case.

Rainy Day -- Budget Friendly

Who wouldn’t want to wear a raincoat named “Drizzly Flair”?! The tropical print on this jacket will put you in a good mood during even the heaviest of downpours. Wear it with these mid-calf, lace-up rain boots to keep your feet dry and complete your rainy day outfit. Now, for the accessories! The La Pliage tote by Longchamp is made with water-resistant nylon and comes in 11 colors, so take your pick. Don’t you just love a colorful umbrella in a sea of black ones? Check out Etsy designer Kayci Wheatley’s shop for kitschy items like this Prince Umbrella. And finally, there's the all-important waterproof phone case so you can text without stressing out about water damage to your beloved phone.

what to wear rainy day

Shown above (clockwise from top left): Drizzly Flair Rain Coat ($89.99, modcloth.com); Rainy Route Rain Boot in Marine Blue ($69.99, modcloth.com); LifeProof Waterproof iPhone 6 Case in Dark / Light Lilac ($35.79, amazon.com); Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote in Anise ($145, nordstrom.com); Prince Umbrella ($45, kayciwheatley/etsy.com).

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Rainy Day -- Splurge Worthy

Paddington Bear wore his rain jacket in classic yellow and we’re going to keep the design but wear it in orange instead. Floral rain boots are both functional as well as fashionable, and you can pick these up during your next Target run. A packable nylon tote bag is perfect to keep in your car for emergencies and the French Grey color goes with everything! You can use this tote for groceries, for work files, for your laptop, and as a diaper bag. On rainy days, all we dream about are clear blue skies and that’s what you’ll get with this MOMA Store umbrella -- black on the outside, it opens up to reveal a “cheerful blue sky, dotted with fluffy, white clouds.” And for our tech needs, a protective membrane makes this Aquatik phone case not only waterproof, but dustproof as well.

what to wear rainy day

Shown above (clockwise from top left): Plastic Hooded Rain Mac ($100, topshop.com); Joules Women’s Rain Boots in Navy ($74.99, target.com); Aquatik Waterproof iPhone 6 Case in Orange ($89.96, lunatik.com); Tory Burch Ella Packable Tote in French Grey ($225, bloomingdales.com); Sky Umbrella ($55, momastore.org). 




Images (clockwise from left) via topshop.com; modcloth.com; kayciwheatley/etsy.com; nordstrom.com; amazon.com

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