15 Safe-for-Your-Face Beauty Products We Feel Good About

15 Safe-for-Your-Face Beauty Products We Feel Good About

beauty products EWGAs much as we love saving the world and our skin from harsh ingredients and products, memorizing that ever-expanding list of gibberish-sounding ingredients can be way too much to keep up with. But thankfully the Environmental Working Group (EWG) just expanded its list of okayed products (!!!), so our trips to the cosmetics aisle will go a little bit more smoothly from here on out.

The cosmetics span everything from eye creams to lipsticks, and to get the EWG's seal of approval, they can't contain any substance on the "unacceptable" list and can only have small amounts of substances considered "restricted."

We've rounded up some of our favorite products on the list, but anything you see with the green EWG seal is good to go.


Images (clockwise from left) via beautycounter.com; shop.biossance.com; rejuvaminerals.com; beautycounter.com; sallybskinyummies.com

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