A Glam Guide to the Prettiest 'Lady Garden' Styles

Vagina hairstyles
Image elements via Shutterstock; designs by Anne Meadows

Funny as it might sound, it's not all that uncommon to think about the 'do our pubic hair is rocking. Although fashion probably wasn't the intent back in the day, there were definitely a few fads that came and went. But now, in the year of modern women, there are so many options, and the one thing we're well aware of is that sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. That's why we took the time to put together a guide to 10 ways to style our pubic hair the next time we book our appointment at the salon.

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The debate over whether a lady should or shouldn't have hair down there rages on. And it's tiring, to say the least. But no matter what our dear readers decide to do with their nether regions, we want to share some of our favorite "looks" all compiled together in one handy and easy-to-follow guide.

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Maybe one of these "hairstyles" will become a regular 'do, or who knows -- maybe a gal needs to try a few out before committing to something. Hey, there's no absolutely zero judgment here. 

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So check out our guide and let us know if there are any good ones we've missed!

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