8 Beauty 'Gimmicks' That Actually Work

Image: Tweexy

tweexy wearable nail polish bottle holder

Beauty is a billion-dollar business, and aside from the standard cosmetics, skin care, and hair care, there are a slew of quirky gadgets and gimmicks on the market aimed at making a daily routine a little bit easier. While some ideas seem absolutely crazy, there are actually a handful of odd-looking beauty tools that really do work. We've scoured the Internet to find the gizmos that only seem wacky, but in reality are brilliant! 


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Take, for example, the Tweexy, a ring of sorts that holds a bottle of nail polish while one steadily paints her digits. Sure, it seems a little cumbersome and unnecessary. But once we tried it, we realized we'll never go back to polishing our nails the normal way again. (A way to paint our nails while sitting in our beds? Yes, please.)

In fact, most of these ideas make the beautification process a little easier and more comfortable. Not an easy feat when one considers the old adage, "pain is beauty" (which, it bears noting: yikes). Behold eight why-didn't-I-think-of-that beauty ideas that folks should start incorporating into their regime now (that is, if there is still space left on the bathroom counter for more product). Take a look and put them on that wish list! 

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