8 Beauty 'Gimmicks' That Actually Work

Kelly Bryant | Mar 24, 2016 Beauty & Style
8 Beauty 'Gimmicks' That Actually Work
Image: Tweexy

tweexy wearable nail polish bottle holder

Beauty is a billion-dollar business, and aside from the standard cosmetics, skin care, and hair care, there are a slew of quirky gadgets and gimmicks on the market aimed at making a daily routine a little bit easier. While some ideas seem absolutely crazy, there are actually a handful of odd-looking beauty tools that really do work. We've scoured the Internet to find the gizmos that only seem wacky, but in reality are brilliant! 

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Take, for example, the Tweexy, a ring of sorts that holds a bottle of nail polish while one steadily paints her digits. Sure, it seems a little cumbersome and unnecessary. But once we tried it, we realized we'll never go back to polishing our nails the normal way again. (A way to paint our nails while sitting in our beds? Yes, please.)

In fact, most of these ideas make the beautification process a little easier and more comfortable. Not an easy feat when one considers the old adage, "pain is beauty" (which, it bears noting: yikes). Behold eight why-didn't-I-think-of-that beauty ideas that folks should start incorporating into their regime now (that is, if there is still space left on the bathroom counter for more product). Take a look and put them on that wish list! 

  • Every Drop Beauty Spatula


    You've finally reached the bottom of your favorite lipstick, but you can see a small dose of color inside that tube you just have to have. How are you going to get to it? While you consider a toothpick or orange stick, you wouldn't have to go all MacGuyver if you had the Every Drop Beauty Spatula ($4.99, camerareadycosmetics.com). This little tool makes it easy to scoop every last bit out of your favorite products.

  • Tweexy


    Image via Tweexy

    You probably didn't know you needed a wearable nail polish bottle holder, but guess what, you kinda do. Tweexy ($14.95, amazon.com) fits all fingers and all nail polish brands, making your at-home manicure a little more steady.

  • Shadow Shields


    Image via Shadow Shields

    At first glance, these might look like a totally unnecessary item to add to your makeup bag, but Shadow Shields ($9.99, shadowshields.com) make applying powder shadow in particular so much easier. Placed under the eyes, they catch any of that stray shadow that winds up dusted on parts of your face you didn't intend for it to be, and they're a lifesaver when you're trying to finish a rushed morning makeup job.

  • PonyDry


    Image via PonyDry

    We hear it time and time again -- don't wash your hair every day. But if you have oily locks or hit the gym daily, you know how annoying it can be to walk around with greasy strands. PonyDry ($19.99, ponydry.com) touts itself as a "hair sleeve," covering the length of your strands so that only your roots are showing in the shower. This allows you to wash those without drying out the rest of your hair. Pretty smart thinking.

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  • Julep Charcoal Konjac Sponge


    Image via Julep

    It might look like a Beautyblender, but the Julep Charcoal Konjac Sponge ($12, julep.com) is actually meant to enhance your skin-care routine. It gently exfoliates the skin, allowing for a greater glow during the day and prepping your face for all of those nutritious serums and creams you work into your skin at night.

  • Brush Pearl


    Image via Brush Pearl

    How often do you actually clean your makeup brushes? We're guessing not nearly as frequently as you should (if at all). The Brush Pearl ($99, brushpearl.com) is like a tiny washing machine for your set, making it super easy to maintain a totally hygienic makeup routine. Your skin will thank you for it.

  • Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy


    No matter how many how-to stories you read about it, finding the perfect arch and shape for your face shape can be daunting. That's why the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy ($20, billiondollarbrows.com) is such a sweet little tool. It basically makes it foolproof to find your ideal shape, preventing any overplucking.

  • Spray Perfect Spray-On Nail Polish


    Image via Spray Perfect

    Doing your nails is just one of those beauty tasks that you can't do in a dash ... at least until now. Spray Perfect Spray-On Nail Polish ($19.99, buysprayperfect.com) allows you to quickly spray color onto your nails, then wash away the excess from your skin. It's basically like magic and the lazy beauty girl's dream come true.

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