10 Miraculous Hair Products for Days You Have Literally Zero Time for Styling

bad hair day

In an ideal world, I would start each day by getting my naturally curly hair professionally blown out. So sleek and smooth! I'd even settle for a head of salon-perfect beachy waves, the kind magician stylists can effortlessly create with a curling iron. Alas, I'm not a Kardashian, just a busy working mom. That means most mornings I'm stuck air-drying my mane, which results in an all-too-natural look that's half hippie, half poodle -- but it doesn't have to be that way, according to master stylist Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi salons.

"Women on the go need quick and easy tricks for their hair and there are tons of great options for this," Tricomi told The Stir. And among the most easily accessible of these options are some of the amazing products on the market right now: These miracle workers don't require any heat or extra work to make hair look like it's actually done, and there's something for every hair type!

Check out our list to find a product that works for you -- and retire your blow-dryer for good!


Image via iStock.com/tderden


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