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20 Intricate & Magical Mandala Tattoos

mandala tattooThere are some amazing tattoo artists designing mandalas in the most gorgeous ways, making it a very coveted style of tattooing. We found 20 magical mandala tattoos that were so beautiful we had to share them with you.

This circular geometric pattern is delicately designed with dot work and fine lines -- each artist puts his or her own spin on the look, including symbols and shading and incorporating other styles to add to the intricate design. You'll be mesmerized by these beautiful works of art.


Image via jcarpino/Instagram

Image via isaak_tattoo/Instagram


Adding those beautiful leaves outside this mandala really makes this tattoo by Alban Isaak stand out.

Image via mandalismtattoos/Instagram

2Wrist mandala.

This design makes a gorgeous adornment to a wrist -- we love the way it goes onto the hand.

Image via jcarpino/Instagram

3Love in the details.

The talent of Jason Carpino of Hudson Valley Tattoo Company is so evident in his incredible original mandala designs. This gorgeous one features hearts and is perfectly placed.

Image via Keri Fisher

5Like jewelry.

This beautiful mandala with lace and jewelry details was done by Jason Carpino at Hudson Valley Tattoo Company.

Image via jcarpino/Instagram

6Eye details.

Carpino also did this gorgeous mandala and rose mix. We love how he incorporated eyes into the sacred design.

Imafe via dorothy_purple/Instagram


This stunning tattoo by Dorothy Purple is magical. It was designed in such a feminine way and looks gorgeous on the hip/thigh area.

Image via deryntwelvetattoo/Instagram


The flow of this mandala sleeve tattoo is breathtaking. Created by Deryn Twelve, this design has such movement and is pure beauty.

Image via larascotton/Instagram


Tattoo artist Lara Scotton is a master at mandalas -- we love the blending of these two with flowers.

Image via Ricardo Almeida/Flickr

11Beautiful ohm.

This beautiful mandala tattoo features a dot work ohm in the center, making it feel even more sacred.

Image via Ricardo Almeida/Flickr

13Watercolor accents.

Adding a watercolor effect to this tattoo gives it a bit of a psychedelic feel.

Image via kaelintaichee/Instagram

14Stunning collection.

This gorgeous arrangement of mandalas was done by Kaelin Chee and is a work in progress. We love the details here.

Image via olivertattoos/Instagram

15Designed with unalomes.

Beautifully designed with unalomes and the flower of life, this geometric tattoo was done by the very talented Oliver K.

Image via Nicole Labonte

17In brown ink.

Sometimes even a simple outline style tattoo is beautiful. This mandala is in brown ink -- so delicate.

Image via nghiachungtattoos/Instagram

19Gorgeous geometry.

With the stippling effect in the center mandala and then bolder designs going outward, this mandala tattoo by Nghia Chung is truly superb.


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