When to Splurge on Fashion vs. When to Find a Deal (PHOTOS)


With stores like Forever 21 and H&M cropping up everywhere, fast fashion has become very hard to resist. At the drop of a hat (or click of a button), we can find cute clothes, shoes, and accessories for the equivalent of a couple of movie tickets. But once in a while, it's totally worth it to shell out the extra cash for a quality item.


General rule of thumb: If you're going to wear it every day and/or for a few years to come, it's smart to invest in something you really love and that's really well-made. For things that will likely get shoved in your bag though (hats) or worn for two weeks of one season, save your pennies. Here, six items to splurge on, and six items for which you're better off finding a deal. 


Image via jcrew.com

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