Lady Tattoo Artists We Love: Angela de Rosette

angela de rosetteAngela de Rosette began tattooing in 2008, but this art school grad was interested in tattoos from a young age. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Angela moved to New York City in 1997. She tattoos alongside some of the best tattoo artists in the world at East Side Ink and Graceland Brooklyn. Her work is simply beautiful.


Angela's style reflects her Russian roots, but she is a skilled artist and her custom pieces show off her immense talent. From American traditional to black and gray, from nature to architecture, from bright colors to fine lines and shading, Angela's beautiful work has become coveted by many. We spoke with her about the art of tattooing and her place in it.

The Stir: How did you get into tattooing?

Angela: I have been interested in tattooing since an early age. Later in life, I was traveling in Asia and was hanging out at tattoo shops. A tattoo artist saw my drawings and told me I should think about tattooing as a career. I stayed there about a year and then I moved back to New York. I was inspired by many great tattoo artists and wanted to learn from them. It helped me to be what I am now. 

bicycle tattoo


The Stir: What was the first tattoo that you got?

Angela: The first tattoo I wanted was a little koi fish the size of a palm with a lot of scales, detail, and water around it. I think I gave the tattoo artist a hard time. I'm glad she convinced me to do much bigger koi fish. I was lucky to get tattooed by such an experienced artist. 

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flower tattoo

cherry blossom tattoo

The Stir: Share a good story about a tattoo that you have done and what it meant to the client.

Angela: I like to do all kinds of tattoo work. Each client is different. When people come to me with ideas, I try to connect with them to understand what they like and create the best piece for my clients.

angela de rosette tattoo

angela de rosette tattoo

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The Stir: Have you ever tattooed yourself?

Angela: I saw old books at my grandpa's house full of symbols and designs when I was 14 years old. My friend asked me if I could tattoo a butterfly on her and I tattooed a lily on myself. We found some ink and needles from my grandma's sewing kit. The next day I got scared it was a Russian criminal symbol and began asking my friends how to remove it. I tried everything, and it didn't work! 

angela de rosette tattoo

angela de rosette tattoo

brooklyn bridge tattoo angela de rosette

The Stir: Who and what influences you? 

Angela: My biggest influences are the tattoo artists I get tattooed by and the artists I work with. I learn from people around me and at the different shops I worked at. My inspirations come from art, photography, and books.

angela de rosette tattoo

angela de rosette tattoo

angela de rosette tattoo

Angela de Rosette currently tattoos at East Side Ink in Manhattan and at Graceland Brooklyn.


Images via Angela de Rosette

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