#Braless Forever: Why I Gave Up the Most Annoying Underthing Ever

taking off braI stopped wearing a bra about five years ago, and it was something I should have done a lot sooner. A bra is somewhat of a torture device with wires and clasps and "technology" to make your breasts look this way or that way. No thanks.


I remember the days of those extreme push-up bras just so cleavage could be at a maximum. What in the world was I thinking? Awful. No one should partake in that. Show your breasts if you want -- show your cleavage or no cleavage -- but don't hurt yourself in the process. Not only are most bras completely uncomfortable, but who exactly are we wearing those things for? Why oh why did we shove in padding and chicken cutlet–type insanities to perk up our bosoms?

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I know some of us have to wear a bra. Those gifted with large breasts cannot as easily ban this dreaded underthing. I'm a 34B the last time I checked and for me, a bra is generally pointless ... in a couple of ways. In fact, the only reason for me to wear a bra is to keep my nipples from poking through shirts or to try to get my cleavage as close to my neck as possible.

While I've stopped wearing "real" bras, I do partake in a bralette when necessity calls. My kid's first grade teacher doesn't need to know that my nipples can cut glass, so I keep them in check with a cozy slip-over-my-head bralette for a bit of modesty. Bralettes are adorable and give me that extra layer when needed. They can be part of your visual clothing, as they look cute even when showing when you're wearing a muscle tee with deep arm cut-outs or a major V-neck top. There are also so many crop camis out now, too, that can double as a "bra-like" feature when needed. 

From what I can tell, bras trick us into thinking we need them. We don't need them -- they hinder us. A 15-year-long study took place in France on how bras support (or don't support) us. In my opinion, the French know everything about beauty and so this carries some extra weight. And speaking of weight, the heaviness (or lightness) of our breasts does not need to be held up in a bra contraption in order to prevent sag. Au contraire. When you go braless, over time breasts support themselves with muscle tissue being built up naturally. The study revealed that when you wear a bra, this prevents the muscle tissue from growing, therefore making sagging happen faster.

Are you feeling the burn, as in the bra burning, yet?

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The last full-on, structured-with-an-underwire-and-hook-and-clasp bra I wore was a nursing bra, and I mostly needed it to wear a nursing pad. My breasts grew quite a bit with milk production because I breastfed twins for over a year before I returned to my 34Bs. After that, I found bras just so uncomfortable and I decided to go without. I didn't miss them one bit. My breasts are still perky -- possibly due to size, definitely not due to age, but maybe due to the built-up breast tissue I have since going bra-free for so many years.

Going braless opens up possibilities, along with adding to your comfort. Why wouldn't you try it? I'm glad I did. I'm free.



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