It's a Snap: The Quick Trick That'll Save You Money on Razors

Shaving is an all-around bad time -- not only are you thiiiiis close to gushing blood at any given moment, but it's also no fun to drop $20 on razors every few months. We're not sure what to do about complaint #1, but complaint #2 we might be able to help with: There's a secret way to sharpen your razors to get double (or triple! or quadruple!) the number of shaves out of them.


The trick is this: Grab a pair of jeans and run the razor backwards 10-20 times going down the pant leg and then backwards 10-20 times in the other direction. (You're never shaving your pant leg -- you're pushing the razor in the other direction, not pulling it up in a shaving motion.)

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This works because the relatively rough grain of denim smooths out nicks in cheap blades. That's why you go in two directions -- the threads in jeans run at a diagonal, so switching directions will smooth the blade from every angle.

You'll hear stories of people using cheap, disposable razors for six months or more this way -- which means you can start spending $20 a year on razors instead of $20 every few months.


Image via LarsZ/Shutterstock

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